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The Hidden Origins of Il Separatio: Manuscripts Deemed Dangerous and Banned


Throughout history a large number of books have been banned only because they contained various uncomfortable truths or tales. Such books have been systematically hunted down and destroyed by representatives of the church or the state. Some copies have even been poisoned, thus giving the books a reputation of being cursed, as those who read them ended up dying due to the fatal poisons. Such was the case of books mentioning or telling tales about the entity known as Il Separatio.

The Bible mentions the following passage: “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness”. According to legend, this separation between light and darkness took the form of an entity known as Il Separatio meaning “The Separation”.

This entity was regarded as being neither good, nor evil. Instead, it represented perfect and absolute neutrality. As this legend placed the third entity midway between God and the Devil, the medieval church did not want people to begin to wonder which entity is the strongest—God or Il Separatio.

Il Separatio provided a third option, one not recognized by the church. According to the teachings of the church, good people went to Heaven and bad people were destined for Hell. In the catholic case, should the situation have been unclear, the person ended up in Purgatory. If the individual did good deeds in Purgatory, then he or she progressed to Heaven. If the person was bad, then he or she went to Hell. All was very simple until Il Separatio entered the equation.

This entity could claim the people who had done just as much good as they had sinned. So, when a person has done exactly as many good deeds as bad deeds, then that person was said to belong to Il Separatio.

Things got even more complicated as medieval texts discussed the powers of this entity. According to legend, the power of Il Separatio was “absolutum” meaning “absolute”. With such a description, it is not surprising that the medieval church banned all books mentioning Il Separatio and the Inquisition hunted down everyone who dared utter his name. Therefore, Il Separatio came to be known as Anonymus, “The Anonymous One”, “The Nameless One”, “The One Who Should Not Be Named”. Calling this entity Anonymus offered people a means of protection against the Inquisition. Still, there was little protection for the books which included the entity.

Statue of Il Separatio, Prague

Statue of Il Separatio, Prague ( beatbull / flickr )

Out of the few books mentioning Il Separatio that have survived up to the present day, one can point to two main examples: “Compendium Augumentum” and “Codex Lugubrum”. (The Codex Lugubrum may also have been printed in Latin with the title: D. Hilarii Pictauorum episcopi Lucubrationes quotquot extant : olim per Des. Erasmum Roterod. haud mediocribus sudoribus emendate. )

The first tells the story of Il Separatio and the warrior Ashor, while the second tells the same story in a different and more detailed form. “Codex Lugubrum” which has survived in two known copies, both found in private collections across Europe, changes the name of the fierce warrior who meets Il Separatio into Amantes.

Amantes had done both good and evil during his time. In fact, he had done just as much good as he had done evil. Therefore, when a demon and an angel both began to fight over his soul, Il Separatio appeared and sent them away, wielding his neutrality. The demon had claimed that Amantes had done a lot of evil and, as a result, he was his and belonged with him in Hell. The angel had claimed that the warrior had done a lot of good, therefore he was his to take with him in Heaven. When Il Separatio appeared, he simply said that the man had done just as much good as he had done evil and, as a result, none of the other two could have him.

When Il Separatio waved his hand signaling the demon and the angel to leave, they both disappeared instantly, one to Hell and the other to Heaven. In a subtle form, this symbolized the absolute power of Il Separatio. As for neutrality, it is said that this entity is so neutral that it even lacks a form. In order to be visible, to be seen by others, Il Separatio always appears as a figure in a long black hooded cloak, but no arms, legs or face ever stick out. This is the neutral appearance and elusive identity of Anonymus.

The most forbidden aspect of Il Separatio is the option that he brought. Once the angel and the demon had left, the wounds of Amantes all healed and he was restored to his appearance as it was at the ideal age of 30.  Also, it was said he became immortal and had great power. He could no longer die, he could no longer fall ill. He was young and strong and he could do whatever he wanted and travel wherever he wanted just by using the power of his mind. Legend has it he could transport himself to other worlds—on the sun, inside the sun and even into stone and minerals.

Illustration from the Cabala Speculum, 1654.

Illustration from the Cabala Speculum, 1654. ( Public Domain )

Another old forbidden text, the “Cabala Speculum”, contained an engraving portraying humans, man and woman, tied with chains to the entire creation thus suggesting that should these chains be broken, then humans could become gods themselves. Similarly, the chains keeping Amantes tied had all vanished. He had become completely and absolutely free. This was both freedom as well as an exit from the ‘system’ and this is the true meaning of Il Separatio.

Real or mere legend, the tale of Il Separatio remains a fascinating one, and one not soon to be forgotten.

Featured image: Deriv; Unidentified ancient manuscript ( CC BY 2.0 ), Il Commendatore in Prague. ( CC BY 3. 0)

By Valda Roric


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So you are just saying that your god is called Universe, but you know what, there are people who says that their god created the universe, and so your preferred god is just a created one.

Better to be a Knower, which enables one to believe, than to be only a Believer, who knows nothing and resists Knowledge.

Victor: "That's what separates the believers (religious) from the know-ers (spiritual)."

akinchana: To know not only implies the comprehension or awareness of something, but also involves the belief or conviction of the truth or falsity of that thing, so the 'know-ers' are also believers. Can you prove the monist (non-dualist) philosophy of which you speak? If not, then, by your definition, you are a religionist---a believer.

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This story illustrates, the individual. If you look up the definition for individual, it states; single; separate. Because once a person finds himself and his true mind, he'll know his real self and he'll become an individual.

Once you've found yourself, regained your true mind and awareness, you'll be severed from the grasp of the power establishment. The power establishment knows this and fears this. Once you've regained your true mind and awareness, no one would be able to manipulate the way in which you apply your energy and there are all sorts of corruption ranging from nightmares, corrupt, power-hungry religious leaders, political institutions, peer pressure, and the media that will try to manipulate you. No power establishment will want this to happen, because the real self is dangerous for the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual. Independent from everything else, he'll be conscience informed and capable of critical thinking. He no longer belongs to the mob psychology. He will not be superstitious. He cannot be exploited and he cannot be led like cattle. He cannot be ordered and commanded. He will live according to his light or energy. He will live from his own inwardness. His life will have tremendous beauty, integrity. That is the fear of the power establishment.

Integrated persons become individuals, and the society wants you to be non-individuals. Instead of individuality, the society teaches you to be a personality. The word "personality" has to be understood. It comes from the root, persona, which means a mask. The society gives you a false idea of who you are, it gives you just a toy, and you go on clinging to the toy your whole life.

Question everything, that's what set us free. It's not a question of loyalty or faith, but of individuality. The power establishment and the church are working together to suppress you from finding yourselves. The idea of duality that there's a "god" and a "devil" is the greatest scam on this planet and that's how they manipulate the way in which you apply your energy. The last thing the power establishment and the church want is a conscience informed public capable of critical thinking. That's why they try to persuade you that "god" controls everything so you can't. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time. Give a man religion and he'll die praying for fish. They teach you that "god" controls everything so that you are afraid to question the intentions of this superiority and so that you are even afraid of even expressing your own individuality in many cases. Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do "good deeds." They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant. Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious and political elites for the elites own personal gains. It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it. That's why they ask for your faith or blind submission. They want you to believe that you're not capable of helping yourselves. There are no single masters in all creation, there is only creation as one, united as one and everyone in it. The real monsters are only flesh and blood. Duality creates a illusory system of superiority that makes a separation between the unified creation which is us. This illusion of an enemy image is how they control you. This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance. The war of terrorism will never be won because they are your masters. Regain your true mind and regain your awareness. We shouldn't separate ourselves in a universe that unites us just because we're a little unsure of who we are. We are spheres of energetic probes created by the universe and it's because we are possessors of energy that has an awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. So, what makes you, you? Who are we? Our brains? Our brains are a body part like our fingernails and our hearts. Why is that the part that's makes us? It doesn't, because we have a sort of voice that's in our heads, the part of us that thinks, that feels, that is aware that we exist at all. If you're aware you exist, then you do. That's why when we die we're still here, as energy. That's our awareness. That's how you escape death. The only thing that can escape death is energy because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. What's true in our minds and in our awareness, is true, whether some people know it or not. Find yourself and your true mind. This is how the universe tests us.

We don't truly die. Our legacy carries on. It's all about energy and how you apply it. The only thing that can escape death, is energy. We are spheres of energetic probes created by the universe and it's because we're possessors of energy that has an awareness that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. You have to find yourself and your place in this world. To show your connection to the universe. Life is about the ride, that's all. Don't ever let anyone or anything make you feel guilty for living life the way you want to. When you look in the mirror, don't look at yourself look at how people see you. Look at your friends, your family, your hobby or the things that make you happy. So, you can awaken your awareness. When this happens you become an individual and not a personality. This is how the universe tests us.

Our purpose on this planet is to show our connection to the universe. To awaken. Life isn't about the prize at the end, it's all about the ride. When we were born, our energy was as bright as the sun, fully aware of everything around us. Have you ever looked into a baby's eyes when it's born? It's always watching, aware of everything, it looks in awe of everything around it and when it reaches adulthood and dies, the universe wants it just the same. If we don't awaken, our energy will remain here to be born into a new capsule to live another cycle of corruption by our own choice of representation. When you're awakened and you die, your energy is sent to a better world with less corruption, living a better life in a better capsule. This is how the universe tests us. Our lives and everything in the universe is a cycle of massive amounts of energy that has always existed being transferred and spread out in cycles called Aeons. An Aeon is when the universe blinks from far away. It expands, then it contracts on itself, then it has another big bang continuously blinking. Our purpose is to show our connection to the universe, not separate ourselves from it. We shouldn't separate ourselves from a universe that unites us, just because we are a little unsure of who we are. We are all special beings and we all deserve to be happy and no human nor animal should have to suffer. The day we stop caring about each other will be the day we lose all humanity.

You are all "gods". Because every experience is a learning experience, there is no source of good or evil. You decide the way in which you apply your own energy. God is consciousness... not a creator. God is the source of creation, energy. It (not he or she), It is not independent of you. It is the totality of everything. So when I call you all Gods, I am not talking about your personal self. I am talking about the expression of the god self that rests inside of you. The verb.... the energy, not the noun. Once, you think god is a noun, person, place or thing, you've separate yourself from it and immediately you become a limited being. That's what separates the believers (religious) from the know-ers (spiritual).

When we are born, the universe sends our energy into existence into a capsule or body. When we are infants, our "souls" or our luminous ball of energy is covered from top to bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is tightly adjusted over, like a cocoon of energy. That glowing coat is our "soul's" awareness. That glowing coat of awareness is what the accessories for power or the power establishment consumes. The accessories for power reside in infinity. Infinity is everything. It is all that surrounds us, it is the dark sea of awareness. Inside infinity, includes all sorts of corruption ranging from nightmares, corrupt, power-hungry religious leaders, political institutions, peer pressure, and the media and they will try to manipulate the way in which you apply your energy. When humans reach adulthood, all that is left of that glowing coat of awareness is a narrow fringe that went from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe is the result of our awareness being eaten from the power establishment or the "powers that be". That fringe permitted mankind to continue living, but only barely. Man is the only species that has the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon.

This life is a test to show our connection to the universe, that we are all equal components of creation in the universe. That every experience is a learning experience. For after all, we are all connected by energy. So, everything depends on everything else. The one contains the many and the many contains the one. A leaf contains the sun, the sky and the earth. So, you can't understand anything in isolation from your environment, so denying yourself would be the equivalent of closing yourself off from the universe. Find yourself, not a system of superiority. If you don't stand up for yourself, then you'll fall for anything.

Turns out it's a story invented in 2012 by Romanian politician Codrin Ştefănescu:

The statue is actually "Il Commendatore" celebrating Mozart's Don Giovanni (see the attribution link):


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