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Mulan as depicted in the album Gathering Gems of Beauty (Qing dynasty, 18th century).	Source: Public Domain

Beyond Disney: The True History of Mulan (Video)

The rich history behind Mulan , beyond Disney's cinematic adaptations, spans over 1,500 years. Originating as an ancient Chinese ballad during the late Northern Wei Dynasty, the tale likely draws...
Chinese Warrior Woman

The Dramatic True Story Behind Disney's Mulan

Hua Mulan is one of the most legendary women of ancient China. Her heroic actions were first recorded in ancient texts, retold in the famous poem Ballad of Mulan , and later popularized in the 1998...
Representation of a Mongol female warrior / the legendary Mulan.   Source: katalinks / Adobe stock

Ancient Mongolian Female Warrior Skeletons Substantiate Disney’s Mulan

Microscopic marks discovered on the shoulder bones of two ancient female warriors bring the legendary woman warrior, Mulan , from eastern mythology into historical reality. Disney’s 1998 animated...
Snow White a Disney story based on real historical events.

The Truth Behind 5 Disney Movies That Are Based On Real Histories

Many of us grew up watching Disney movies and their tales of fairy princesses and evil queens are undeniably a part of the modern zeitgeist . Some of the movies are original to Disney, but at their...