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Mughal empire

Red Fort is a historic fort and UNESCO World Heritage Site at Delhi, which served as the residence of the Mughal Empire. Source: anjali04/Adobe Stock

How and Why Did the Mughal Empire Fall? (Video)

The Mughal Empire , once a formidable force, met its demise through a series of internal and external challenges. Originating from the Barlas tribe, the Mughals blended Mongolian roots with Persian...
An embracing couple in medieval dress, symbolic of ancient love stories of history. Source: Karrrtinki/Adobe Stock

7 Ancient Love Stories That Shook the World

In the annals of history, there exist tales of love that transcend the boundaries of time and society, romances that have left a permanent mark on the world. From the passionate but doomed romance of...
The Buland Darwaza, or High Gate, was built in 1602 as the main entrance to the Jama Masjid mosque at Fatehpur Sikri in India. Source: Shuklaankit90 / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Majestic Legacy of Fatehpur Sikri: A Masterful Mughal City

Fatehpur Sikri is a hidden gem just 37 km (23 mi) southwest of the bustling city of Agra. This majestic town has a rich and intriguing history with roots tracing back to the Sikarwar Rajputs, a...
Stylized depiction of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.	Source: Towseef / Adobe Stock

Controversial Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb & Mughal Wars of Succession

An old man sits hunched over his prayer mat as dawn breaks over the horizon, his white beard soaked from tears shed through the night. No one would believe that this troubled figure is the sixth...
Zeb-un-Nisa: Mughal Princess and Rebel Poetess

Princess Zeb-un-Nisa: Rebel Sufi Poetess and her Gilded Garden Prison

Sitting alone in her quiet gardens, reciting verses of poetry and waiting for the end to come. This is how Princess Zeb-un-Nisa spent the final years of her life. Zeb-un-Nisa means “jewel among women...
Jahanara and Roshanara: Rival Princesses of the Mughal Empire

Jahanara and Roshanara: Rival Princesses of the Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire has been filled with remarkable women , but the most understated of them are two princesses - two sisters - who played a very crucial role during the reign of Shah Jahan and the war...
In the face of all the odds, the lives of Empress Nur Jahan and Queen Elizabeth I continue to inspire generations of women, as their strength turned them into feminist icons ahead of their time. Source: Left - Public domain. Right - Public domain.

Empress Nur Jahan and Queen Elizabeth I: Female Icons Ahead of Their Time

Our world has numerous examples of kings who have left a significant impact upon the lives of their people. As the saying goes, “behind every powerful man is an extraordinary woman.” Queen Elizabeth...
Agra fort, or Red fort, Delhi, India.    Source: Lukas

The Mighty Red Fort of New Delhi, a Symbol of Mughal Power and Wealth

For various reason, buildings and structures become symbols of nations, for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Red Fort in New Delhi, India. Also known as Lal Qalʿah,...
Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi                   Source:  jura-taranik / Adobe Stock

Humayun's Tomb, the Mughal Mausoleum That Changed India’s Architecture

Mughal Emperor Humayun ruled over vast territory in Asia from 1530 until he was ousted in 1540. With the aid of the Safavid, the ruling Persian dynasty, he regained his lands in 1556. Humayun was...
Detail of Mughal Emperor Jahangir weighing Prince Khurram (later crowned Shah Jahan of the Mughal Empire). Page from Tuzk-e-Jahangiri. 1610-1615, British Museum, London.

The Mughal Empire: Tolerance, Taxes, Addiction, Art, and Other Acts of Genghis Khan’s Relatives in India

Mongols, Mughals, are they the same? No, but there is a link between the Medieval / Early Modern empire that ruled over large parts of the Indian subcontinent and the powerful Khan force that hailed...