Bones and stone tools found at the site of the Māori village

14th Century Maori Village Brought to Light by Logging Yard Project

Archaeologists in New Zealand have made a special discovery at Eastland Port in Gisborne. They have unearthed the indications of a 14th century Maori (Māori) village, a rare find for the area. The...
 Preserved Megalapteryx (moa) foot, Natural History Museum

Extinct Bird with Dinosaur-Like Claw May Soon Be Resurrected

A clawed, flightless bird that went extinct in New Zealand in the late 13th century might be brought back to life, claim scientists at Harvard University. Nearly three decades ago, archaeologists...
Preserved Megalapteryx (moa) foot, Natural History Museum.

The Frightening Discovery of the Mount Owen Claw

By April Holloway | The Epoch Times Nearly three decades ago, a team of archaeologists were carrying out an expedition inside a large cave system on Mount Owen in New Zealand when they stumbled...