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Beautyberries (left) have revealed insights about mint family composition. Source: Left: Tom Cardrick / Adobe Stock; Right: Public Domain

Ancient Medicinal Mint Has Untapped Potential, New Research Reveals

Researchers from Michigan State University recently completed a comprehensive study of the genomes of several species of mint plants , to trace their evolutionary pathways at the chemical level...
Prof. Vasil Nikolov and his team of archaeologists at the Provadia-Saltworks found the ceramic artifact, believed to be a salt god, while excavating the bottom of a salt evaporation pool. Source: Provadia-Solnitsata

Unidentified Salt God Emerges from Ancient Bulgarian Cult Site

In the ancient world salt was so valuable that Roman soldiers were sometimes paid with salt instead of money . A monthly salt allowance was a salarium , and this Latin word seeds both the French word...
Culinary and medicinal spices and herbs on a wooden board

Ancient Herbal Medicine And What To Use At Home To Stay Healthy Today!

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates You’d be surprised how your knowledge of natural healing medicines can benefit from the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Herbal medicine has been in use...
Bronze swine figurine found at Titelberg.      Source: Wuyts, A / CC BY 2.0

Titelberg, Home of the Influential Treveri Celts

The Duchy of Luxembourg has a remarkable archaeological site dating from the Celtic period. It was inhabited for over 700 years and is one of the first known urban settlements in Europe. Titelberg,...
Ancient secrets of medicinal mint unlocked through science. Source: Yü Lan / Adobe.

Medicinal Mint Decoded: Scientists Learn Ancient Secrets of Chinese Skullcap Mint

The precious chemistry of a plant used for 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine has been unlocked in a project that raises the prospect of rapid access to a wide array of therapeutic drugs ...
Hidden hoard of more than 6,000 silver coins found in forest in Poland

Hidden hoard of more than 6,000 silver coins found in forest in Poland

A forest ranger in east central Poland stumbled upon the find of a lifetime this year—he discovered a hidden treasure of thousands of silver coins in a wooded area near the village of Guzów. Two clay...
Ancient dog prints and Iron Age mint in England

Ancient dog prints and Iron Age mint unearthed in England

Archaeologists excavating in Blackfriars, Leicestershire, England have uncovered ancient coin mould fragments , which they believe were used to produce the gold and silver coins of the famous...