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Images of one of the tiny metal fragments that came from a meter-size object that crashed off the coast of Papua, New Guinea in 2014.            Source: Avi Loeb/Medium

First Metals from Outside Our Solar System Recovered from Pacific Ocean!

In the last week of June, a Harvard physicist made the claim that the world’s first ‘interstellar hook’ developed by him to hunt for alien material, had struck gold (not literally). The alien-hunter...
In a recent breakthrough study, scientists have proven that meteorites carry all the building blocks of life, which is to say every chemical necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA. This photo is of the world famous Perseid Meteor Shower that occurs annually in Utah, US.		Source: UtahHome

New Study Proves ALL the Building Blocks of Life Found in Meteorites!

So where exactly did the building blocks for life (DNA and its chemical precursors) come from? This is a question that has both puzzled and fascinated scientists for decades, and a couple of possible...
These two daggers were found in King Tutankhamun's burial wrappings: the lower one is King Tut’s dagger made from iron from a meteorite, and likely foreign made according to the latest research study. 		Source: Ancient Egypt

King Tut’s Dagger Twist: It Was Not Made In Egypt

Subject of many studies and investigations, Egyptian King Tut’s dagger has already been proven to have been made from meteorite iron. A recent study has now added a new dimension to exactly where...
The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio

New Theory Links Serpent Mound Cults, Impact Craters and High Science

Within the lush Ohio River Valley lies the famous Serpent Mound effigy. It is an earthen mound aligned with the solstices, which rests on the ridge of a meteorite impact crater. This ancient,...
This tiny, brilliant Aguas Zarcas Costa Rican meteorite fragment may contain amino acids, along with stardust that predates the sun. Source: Laurence Garvie / Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University

Costa Rican Meteorite, Worth A Fortune, May Yield Life On Earth Clues

A Costa Rican meteorite may contain answers to the biggest questions of how life started on planet earth. Scientists at the Central American School of Geology are studying parts of a 2019 meteorite...
Ancient Egyptians - Jewellery From Meteorites

Ancient Egyptians Crafted Jewellery From Meteorites

Scientists have discovered that an ancient Egyptian jewellery item found in a 5,000 year old tomb was carved from a meteorite. The tube-shaped iron beads were originally uncovered over a hundred...