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Jesus as a carpenter. Source: R. Gino Santa Maria / Adobe Stock.

The Lost Years of Jesus: No One Knows How He Spent His 20s (Video)

The figure of Jesus Christ continues to captivate the minds and hearts of people worldwide. Despite his impact on Christianity , much of his life remains a mystery. One of the most perplexing...
Jerusalem’s Enigmatic Golden Gate: Countdown To The End Of Days

Jerusalem’s Enigmatic Golden Gate: Countdown To The End Of Days

There is an ancient gate on the east side of Jerusalem that to this day remains bricked up and unpassable. It is believed by millions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims that it will miraculously open...
The Twists And Turns Of Religion: Shaman, Priest And Promised Messiah

The Twists And Turns Of Religion: Shaman, Priest And Promised Messiah

The world of late antiquity was extremely suspicious of novelty, anything, that is, that made claim to serious attention. Every innovation, whether of thought or technique, had to be justified in...
Silhouette Jesus in the sunset. Source: artphotoclub / Adobe Stock

Messiah on Temple Mount: Are We Nearing the End of Time?

“All the great rabbis of this generation are saying that the Messiah is about to reveal himself. All the signs the prophets gave, all the signs predicted in the Gemara, the Mishnah, the Midrash,...
Mosaic of the baptism of Jesus Christ by Saint John the Baptist in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016. Source: Adam Ján Figeľ / Adobe stock

Jewish Prophet and Christian Saint – Who Was John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was a Jewish preacher and prophet who is believed to have been a forerunner to Jesus Christ . In the Book of Matthew in the Greek New Testament, John is depicted as another Elijah...
1500-year-old baptismal font discovered at place of Jesus’ birth. Source: Christian Media Center – English / YouTube Screenshot.

1500-Year-old Concealed ‘Font Within A Font’ Found At Jesus’ Birthplace

A remarkable find has been announced at the Church of the Nativity, which Christians believe marks the location of Jesus Christ’s birthplace. Experts who have been working on restoring the have...
Vipera palaestinae, Israel, the same species seen at the Western Wall

The End of The World is Here if Snake Appearing in Israel's Western Wall is Symbolic of Ancient Biblical Prophecy

We had all better get ourselves prepared for a very big day in next year’s calendar, if a snake seen scaring away a pigeon between the ancient stones of Israel’s Western Wall is indeed, as some are...
Relief on the Miègeville's gate of the basilica Saint-Sernin in Toulouse. The relief shows Simon magus, demons, and birth of the wine.

The Strange Life of Simon Magus, Christian, Pagan, Magician, and Sorcerer

Simon the Magician, otherwise known as Simon Magus, comes down through history predominately from the New Testament account, Acts of the Apostles 8:9-24 , with all other ancient sources pertaining to...
The Gabriel Revelation

The Scroll of the Revelation of Gabriel and a new type of ‘Messiah’

One of the most important ancient texts that was found related to Christianity/Judaism (after the Dead Sea Scrolls) is the artefact called ‘Gabriel’s Revelation’ at the Israel Museum. The first...