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mass graves

Excavations of a group burial complex of the Wari empire. Source: ed. M. Giersz, © PUCP Archaeology Program “Valley of Pachacámac”/ CC BY-SA 4.0; Center & Right: © M.Giersz, ed. K. Kowalewski/ CC BY-SA 4.0

Wari-Mask Mummies And Carved Totems Dating Back to 800-1000 AD Found in Peru

A recent discovery at Pachacámac in Peru has revealed a significant find of seventy-three intact burials, in funerary bundles known as ‘fardos’. The burials are of both genders, with some adorned...
Largest Headhunting Massacre from Neolithic China Unearthed

Largest Headhunting Massacre from Neolithic China Unearthed

Evidence of the bloodiest decapitation and head-hunting in Neolithic Asian history, has been unearthed from China, from 4,100 years ago. In total, 41 skeletons were recovered, all belonging to women...
Bronze Age barrows under excavation by Cotswold Archaeology’s Andover team. Source: Cotswold Archaeology

Excavations Near Stonehenge Reveal Early Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery

A team of archaeologists digging at the site of a planned housing development near Salisbury , England got quite a shock when they unearthed the remains of a sprawling cemetery that could be anywhere...
Many lives lost and their remains thrown in numerous mass graves. Source: AidaTiara/Adobe Stock

Hidden Horrors: 10 of History’s Most Shocking Mass Graves

From ancient times to the present day, mass graves have been a haunting reminder of the atrocities that human beings can inflict upon each other. These graves, containing the remains of countless...
One of 13 intentionally modified deformed skulls found at the Tol-e Chega Sofla Neolithic cemetery in Iran. Source: Tehran Times

Intentionally Deformed Skulls Dug Up in Odd Neolithic Iranian Cemetery

In excavations in southwestern Iran at the Tol-e Chega Sofla site on the Zohreh plain, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed 13 deformed skulls of humans, all of which had been intentionally...
Battle of Waterloo soldiers fighting at the Hougoumont Chateau as portrayed in a watercolor by Denis Dighton. Source: Public Domain

June 1815: Did Dead Waterloo Soldiers Become Fertilizer? Probably!

A new study published in the Journal of Conflict Archaeology has suggested that many remains of the roughly 60,000 Waterloo soldiers who died in the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 may have been...
This is an image of the mass grave found beneath an Irish pub in Cork, Ireland, which a noted bone expert concluded was an extremely violent mass death! Source: © John Cronin & Associates

‘Bone Collector’ Sleuth Says Violent Deaths Evident in Mass Grave Under Irish Bar!

A bone expert investigating a mass grave in Ireland has found clear evidence of hyper-violence, including smashed bones and bound limbs. Last year, beneath Nancy Spain’s Public House, Barrack Street...
The recently discovered elite Chan Chan mass grave burial ground near Trujillo, Peru.		Source: Peru News Agency - ANDINA

25 Elite Skeletons Unearthed From Chan Chan Mass Grave, Peru

Archaeologists exploring the ancient Peruvian city of Chan Chan have uncovered the skeletal remains of 25 people in one medium-sized burial site. The men, women, and children interred there would...
Reconstruction of plague victims being cared for at All Saints Church, Cambridge.      Source: Mark Gridley / European Journal of Archaeology

Plague Victims In Medieval Cambridge Treated With Care and Compassion

“Yersinia Pestis,” the killer pathogen that causes plague, was identified in bodies dated to the medieval period in Cambridgeshire, England. A new study of these corpses confirms for the first time...
Remains of European soldiers of Napoleon's Grand Army, who died of starvation, disease and the elements, in a mass grave in Vilnius, Lithuania

Remains of 3,000 of Napoleon’s soldiers found in mass grave show signs of starvation

Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is 'Do not march on Moscow.' – Bernard Montgomery, British military figure. About 675,000 men of Napoleon's Grand Army set out for Moscow to conquer Russia in...