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Martin Luther

AI representation of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg in 1517.           Source: Nevio/ Adobe Stock

Why did the Protestant Reformation Happen? (Video)

​ The Protestant Reformation, often attributed solely to Martin Luther's 95 theses, was a multifaceted movement with roots deeply embedded in the challenges faced by Western Christianity. Luther's...
Battle of Rocroi was a turning point in the Thirty Years War.	Source: Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau/CC BY-SA 3.0

Thirty Years’ War: The Horror Of Europe’s Bloodiest Conflict (Video)

In the 16th century, Europe witnessed a seismic shift as Latin Christianity fractured into Catholics and Protestants, sparking the bloodiest conflict in its history—the Thirty Years' War . Fueled by...
Medieval thief. Source: nyothep / Adobe Stock.

Thieves’ Cant: The Secret Language Used by History’s Criminals (Video)

For centuries, an enigmatic underworld thrived, its inhabitants conversing in a secret tongue that veiled their intentions. This clandestine dialect, known as thieves’ cant , existed from the 16th to...
Detail of a vintage Christmas postcard showing Christkind.

Christkind: How Does this Christmas Gift-Bringer Differ from Santa Claus?

Christkind is a Christmas gift-bringer in certain European countries. Like its more famous counterpart, Santa Claus, Christkind is said to leave presents for children under the Christmas tree on the...
Modern decorated Christmas Tree    Source: JenkoAtaman / Adobe Stock

The Historic Growth of the Christmas Tree

François Lévêque / The Conversation A few hundred years ago, who would have dreamed that the humble Christmas tree would one day be an immense global success? Certainly not Martin Luther, who is said...
Swords in Rock monument in Hafrsfjord, Norway.

Was a Sword Retrieved from a Lake in Norway Used for Executions?

A sword that has been pulled from a lake by two diving enthusiasts in Norway could have been used for executions, experts have claimed. The 500-year-old blade was dragged from one of Norway’s largest...
Detail of decorations on a Christmas tree.

Why Do We Put Up Christmas Trees? The Ancient Roots of this Decorative Tradition

The Christmas tree is an iconic feature of the holiday season. You can find this symbol on greeting cards, in advertisements, shaped into cookies, plastered across wrapping paper, and in the homes of...
An upside-down Christmas tree.

A Tradition Revived? Inverted Christmas Trees May Have Pagan Roots

Hanging a Christmas tree from the ceiling makes some sense – it can keep your floor space clear and may protect your pets or young children from harm – but it is not common. The costly trend of...