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The Battle of Marathon: Defending Freedom (Video)

The Battle of Marathon: Defending Freedom (Video)

The Battle of Marathon , which took place in late summer of 490 BC, was a defining moment in ancient history. The conflict pitted the citizens of Athens, representing the ideals of western democracy...
Though the followers of Peisistratus, including his sons, managed to rule Athens for a long time as “tyrants,” in the end they fell to the Spartans and democracy was born!	 Source: Massimo Todaro / Adobe Stock

Peisistratus And The Peisistratids: Tyrants Of Athens Before Democracy

Peisistratus was a ruler of Athens during the 6 th century BC. Peisistratus was an absolute ruler, and seized power in Athens through trickery and force. Therefore, he is considered to be a “tyrant...
Helmet of the ancient Greek warrior Miltiades the Younger

The Helmet of Miltiades, Symbol of a Famous Ancient Greek Warrior

When a magnificent helmet was recovered from the ruins of the temple of Zeus researchers couldn't believe their eyes. It is very rare to find an item which belonged to a famous warrior of the ancient...
Greek troops rushing forward at the Battle of Marathon. Source: पाटलिपुत्र / Public Domain.

The Battle That Inspired The Marathon

The Battle of Marathon was a pivotal battle in the Graeco-Persian Wars. This battle took place in August or September 490 BC. During the battle, the Athenians and their Plataean allies successfully...
Ancient Naval Base Discovered Underwater Near Athens

Ancient Naval Base Discovered Underwater Near Athens

In 493 BC, Greek general and politician Themistocles urged Athens to build a naval force of 200 triremes as a bulwark against the Persians, who’d attacked and been repelled in 490 on land at the...
The fallen soldiers of Marathon

The quest to recover the fallen soldiers of Marathon

The battle of Marathon took place by the end of summer 490 BC just 42 km or 26 miles northeast of Athens on a plan surrounded by hills and the sea. It is one of the earliest recorded battles thanks...