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As part of the groundbreaking $40 million Mansion Revitalization Project funded by private donors, archaeologists unearth two intact, sealed 18th-century glass bottles at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. Source: Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

George Washington’s Refurbished Manor Has Sealed Bottles from 18th Century

As part of the $40 million Mansion Revitalization Project, archaeologists have unearthed two sealed, 18th-century European glass bottles at George Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion. Analysis has...
The luxurious Islamic mansion found in the Negev desert also had a substantial subterranean portion, as this image reveals. Source: IAA

Lavish Early Islamic Mansion Found in Israel’s Negev Desert Astounds!

In the Bedouin town of Rahat, during pre-emptive excavations carried out before the building of a new neighborhood by the Israeli government, archaeologists stumbled upon a 1,200-year-old Islamic...
Painting of a ghostly looking woman. (Public Domain) Rose Hall, the estate house of a former sugar plantation, in Jamaica.

Annie Palmer, The White Witch of Rose Hall

One time I was down to Jamaica to a place called Rose Hall Plantation …A lady named Annie Palmer who lived in that great house there …Well they tell a lot of tales about Annie They say she had three...
The eerie mansion that is today known as Loftus Hall.

Loftus Hall: Most Haunted House in Ireland Has Not Revealed All Its Dark Secrets

Driving along the isolated road that runs down the scenic Hook Peninsula in Ireland’s Ancient East, it is easy to spot the mansion that has earned itself the reputation as the most haunted house in...
Loftus Hall

Loftus: The Hall of Dreams

​ “There had stood a great house in the centre of the gardens, where now was left only that fragment of ruin. This house had been empty for a great while; years before his—the ancient man’s—birth. It...
1633 letter found in the South Barracks of Knole House

Secret Letters, Including 400-Year-Old Shopping List, Found in Historic Mansion in England

Three letters dating back to the 1600s have been discovered hidden under floorboards during an historic house restoration. The incredible treasures have unearthed secrets about the Tudor mansion...
A well unearthed at New Place (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust photo)

New Findings at Final Home of Shakespeare, Where he Wrote at the Height of his Career

William Shakespeare owned the biggest, most lavish residence in the borough of Stratford-Upon-Avon, a home fitting his high status in the world. Archaeologists excavating the ruins of the 20-room...
Priester in deTombe van Roy TT255, Dra Abu el Naga, Luxor West-Bank

Leopard teeth discovery suggests ancient home belonged to elite members of Egyptian society

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered the remains of a mansion near the Giza pyramids , along with leopard teeth, seals used on documents, and the hind limbs of young cattle. The combination of...
Mysterious Medieval Mansion Turns Up After 900 Years

Mysterious Medieval Mansion Turns Up After 900 Years

British archaeologists have found what appears to be a medieval mansion and surrounding buildings dating back to the 12 th – 14 th century, of which there are no historical records that such a site...