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Helena Scott & Steve Meyler --

Helena B. Scott

Helena’s first work published in 2004, won the UK's British Print and Design Award in 2004 as "Best Digital Book of the Year". The author has published a further two works and collaborated/translated over 12 works, mostly history-related, providing work to many museums and sites of historic interest.  From a young age, she was involved in creative writing groups and has collaborated in a number of academic publications, magazines, blogs and newspapers in various languages.

Helena initially studied political science, but moved on to study law and art history.  This would lead her to develop a love for old maps and forgotten, obscure documents as well as a passion for the unknown. While studying criminology in law school, Helena became immersed in the paranormal when working for the duty magistrates' court No. 13 on the night shift. Similarly to Steve, but from a legal angle, she assisted in the removal of corpses for forensic inspections of homicide scenes and spent considerable time at the morgue and in the presence of the dead. Helena then became exposed to the otherworld and its mysteries, although she had always known she was different.  

Helena would later collaborate with a fellow law student who was a police inspector and helped in many cases unofficially.  She also assisted colleagues of two university departments in many of their paranormal investigations and research.  

After travelling extensively and living in various countries, both in Europe and North America, Helena has chosen Ireland as her home where she lives with her son and the love of her life, Daniel Coldspring : a talented novelist and author of the After Terra sci-fi series whose beautiful poem “Ethereal Reverie” has been included in this book. In addition to working on their own projects, Daniel and Helena look forward to treating readers to future collaborations. Helena holds a diploma in psychic development and is a member of the London College of Psychic Studies and International Gothic Association.

Steve Meyler

Steve’s professional photographic career began over 30 years ago. His first job was as a staff photographer for Laing construction (now Laing O’Rourke) based in Mill Hill, London. This role was primarily Architectural Photography but also involved some Public Relations and event imagery. Post redundancy, he then freelanced as an Architectural Photographer and although he thoroughly enjoyed the work, it unfortunately proved to be an unsustainable career choice due to the sporadic nature and frequency of commissions.

In February 1992 he started his career with the Metropolitan Police Service as a Forensic Photographer. The nature of this work was varied and included attendance at Murder Scenes, Suspicious Deaths, Suicides, Terrorism Scenes, Fatal Road Traffic Collisions, Post Mortem’s, Victims of Assault and Domestic Violence. He was also privileged to provide Disaster Victim Identification evidence after both the Thailand Tsunami and the London bombings of July 2005.

Over the course of his 24 years service with the Met., Steve and his Forensic colleagues have had to become inured to, and familiar with violent death. He has spent many nights in the dark with only the deceased for company whilst Police Staff/Officers wait outside for a number of hours for a scene to be photographed. His latter years of service were as Head of Photographic Training at New Scotland Yard’s Crime Academy.



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