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The Roman Sarcophagus found in ancient Diyarbakir is the first ever discovered in the city. Source: DHA / Anatolian Archaeology.

First Ever Roman Sarcophagus Found Amidst Diyarbakir’s Ancient Walls

During excavations in the ancient Turkish city of Diyarbakir, archaeologists made an exciting and unprecedented discovery. While digging in an area between a surveillance tower in the city´s famous...
Catacombs of St Paul, Malta. Source: Konstantin Aksenov / Adobe Stock

Malta Underground: Religious Legends, Cave Churches and Subterranean Shrines

Religious visions have frequently taken place in the dark damp setting of caves and subterranean chambers making them attractive locations for shrines, chapels, pilgrimages and healing. One of the...
Ghar Dalam – Malta’s Unexplained Cave of Bones

Ghar Dalam – Malta’s Unexplained Cave of Bones

2000 years before the Pyramids and Stonehenge , we have evidence of man’s presence in the ‘Cave of Darkness’ – Ghar Dalam on the Mediterranean island of Malta . This remarkable cave provides evidence...
History through a lens – the importance of questioning history.

The Importance of Questioning History: From Malta to the Dead Sea Scrolls

According to George Orwell, Sir Walter Raleigh stopped writing his History of the World after he was unable to identify the cause of the scuffle and murder that took place outside his cell in the...
Frescos in the crypt of St. Agatha, including the outstanding inner chapel altar and fresco (center).

Excavation of the Maltese Catacombs of St. Agatha Revealed Some of the Finest 12th and 15th century Frescos in Europe!

Located just some 60 miles of the coast of Sicily, smack in the middle of the Mediterranean lie the Maltese Islands. The three small islands are Malta, it's sister island of Gozo and the small island...
Remains of Ancient Maltese Islanders Discovered in Catacombs Beneath a School

Remains of Ancient Maltese Islanders Discovered in Catacombs Beneath a School

The discovery of some 2,000-year-old tombs from the Roman era in Malta have archaeologists buzzing. They say the bones are so old they can’t be called by the name “Maltese,” but the deceased were...
Ancient Phoenician Shipwreck in Malta

2,700-year-old Phoenician Shipwreck Discovered in Maltese Waters

A group of divers have discovered a Phoenician shipwreck dating back to 700 BC off the coast of Gozo island in Malta, according to a news report in the Times of Malta . It is a unique and immensely...