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It is believed the Inca maiden died peacefully. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

How Do We Know This Inca Mummy Died Peacefully? (Video)

The Inca mummy known as the Maiden has long been a mystery shrouded in the high-altitude silence of the Andes. The question that has haunted many revolves around how she met her end. There are...
A female ghost (Public Domain) and Stirling Castle

Female Phantoms of Stirling Castle: Ghostly Encounters with a Handmaiden and Her Queen

Approaching Stirling Castle in the day time is rather daunting. Filled with the scent of ancient dust, damp stone, and dew-covered grass, the palace exudes magic from the moment one steps inside its...
‘La Doncella’ (the Maiden), one of the mummified ‘Children of Llullaillaco’ in Salta province, Argentina.

Analysis Shows Children were Given Drugs and Alcohol before Ritual Sacrifice 500 Years Ago

The remarkably preserved mummified remains of three children were found on the summit of Volcan Llullaillaco in Argentina over a decade ago. The ‘Maiden’ was 13 years old when she met her demise and...
The Maiden Tower is the most recognized structure in the Old City of Baku, Azerbaijan.

A Fiery Maiden Guards Her Secrets

“At the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, there was raised an 8-storied towered temple (Maiden’s Tower) devoted to seven gods, grandiose for those day… [possessing] seven sacred levels, [and] wall-...
A mannequin - an exact replica - is displayed in the museum but on 'special occasions' VIPs would be 'provided the opportunities to see the real mummy'.

Legal Bid Fails to Rebury Remains of 2,500-year-old Tattooed Ice Princess

By The Siberian Times reporter, The Siberian Times An appeal will be launched after a court this week rejected a demand by the leader of the Teles ethnic group in the Altai Mountains to order the...