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The captivating Medusa Mosaic uncovered in the Odeon at Kibyra. Source: Mehmet Kılınc/Pexels

The Ancient City of Kibyra and its Stellar Rise to Power

The modern region of Anatolia, in Turkey, is well known as a hotspot of ancient civilizations. Also known as Asia Minor, it was a true crossroad of great powers in the pre-Christian era. From the...
One of the carved goat bone objects, depicting two fish, face to face, recently found in an ancient Greek garbage dump in western Turkey.             Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Ancient Greek Goat Bone Objects Found in Turkey Tell A Deeper Story

Archaeologists working in a site have uncovered carved objects that are made out of goat bones . These carved goat bone objects were turned into ornaments in an ancient Greek colony over 2500 years...
The Greek god mask of Dionysus recently unearthed in an ancient Lydian kitchen in western Turkey.               Source: Anadolu Agency

Greek God Mask Found In An Ancient Turkish Kitchen Is 2,400 Years Old!

Archaeologists digging in an ancient ‘kitchen’ in western Turkey have unearthed a terracotta mask of the face of a Greek god, dating back nearly 2,400 years. Archaeologists digging at the ancient...
Extravagance and Illness: The Cursed Karun Treasure of the Lydians

Extravagance and Illness: The Cursed Karun Treasure of the Lydians

A collection of gorgeous artifacts discovered in the Uşak Province in Turkey overwhelmed the world of archaeology, but also caused many troubles. The impressive assemblage of ancient mystical...