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Representation of woman smelling a new perfume scent in an ancient perfumery lab.	Source: razoomanetu/Adobe Stock

The Fragrant Ancient History of Perfume (Video)

The history of perfume is a fragrant odyssey, transcending its contemporary role in hygiene. In ancient Egypt, perfumes were divine creations, with Nefertem, the god of the sunrise, overseeing scents...
Cave Temple of Dambulla, UNESCO. Source: JoseMaria/Adobe Stock

From a King’s Refuge to Buddhist Grandeur: Dambulla Cave Temple

One of Sri Lanka’s most well-preserved gems is the Dambulla Cave Temple, a renowned Buddhist temple complex from the 1st century BC. Sometimes referred to as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, the...
Top image: An Egyptian mummy with a golden tongue (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Ancient Mummies Found in Egypt with Golden Tongues

Archaeologists excavating at Qwaisana Archaeological Compound in Egypt have unearthed numerous ancient mummies, and some of them had golden tongues! Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities...
A painting of Lakshmi on the inner walls of the Tanjore Big temple. Gold is said to symbolize this goddess.

Gold, the Peacock, the Lotus Flower, and Other Sacred Indian Symbols Explained

India is a very beautiful country and it has a culture full of symbolism. In what follows, some of the more popular Indian symbols are presented. These are some of the icons that are very relevant in...
The body of Shinnyokai Shonin, found in Oaminaka, Japan

Mummified Remains of Monk, Still in Lotus Position, Found in Mongolia - Some Claim He Was Alive!

In January 2015 it was announced that the remains of a Buddhist monk in a meditative position, estimated to be around 200 years old, were discovered in Mongolia. The monk was found to be in a seated...
The Enigmatic Columns of Horus: Divine Tools of Energy– Part II

The Enigmatic Columns of Horus: Divine Tools of Energy– Part II

The supreme being of the pharaohs’ pantheon was associated with the sun’s disk and, according to the myth, he emerged from the ocean of the Nun, carried by the goddess Mehetueret, the Celestial Cow...
Relief carved from stone featuring Ptolemy XIII of Egypt and the deity Isis. Representational image.

4,000-Year-Old Relief Carvings and Decorated Stone Blocks Discovered in Temple of Serapis in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two 4,000-year-old reliefs in the Temple of Serapis on the Red Sea. The Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty announced last week that discoveries...