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Archaeologists from the University of Leicester excavate a Roman cellar at Leicester Cathedral. Source: ULAS

Roman Altar Stone Supports Centuries-Old Leicester Cathedral Folktales

Excavations at Leicester Cathedral, a building constructed by the Normans over 900 years ago, have been under archaeological scrutiny since the digs began in October 2021. Long believed to be a site...
A reconstruction of what the Vine Street courtyard house might have looked like in the late 3rd century AD. It was discovered during excavations for the John Lewis car park in 2006.

Who Said Ancient People Had it Tough? Luxury Homes and Underfloor Heating Were a Part of Life in the Roman Province of Britannia

Archaeologists have uncovered a fantastic Roman mosaic and evidence of good living over 1,500 years ago in Leicester city centre in a home with underfloor heating. The team from the University of...
Unique lead coffin found under a parking lot in Leicester, England has been opened to reveal the skeleton of an unknown elderly woman.

Lady in Lead: Coffin found at Grey Friars near King Richard III opened, revealing mystery woman

Archaeologists have been met with surprise upon surprise as they excavate coffins and remains found at the medieval grave site of England’s King Richard III. The opening of a unique lead coffin found...
Spinal of King Richard III

Scientists unravel mystery spinal condition of King Richard III

Research led by the University of Leicester, working with the University of Cambridge, Loughborough University and University Hospitals of Leicester, has finally uncovered the truth about Richard III...
Greyfriars’ Coffin

A Twist in the Tale of the Greyfriars’ Coffin

Back in July we reported on a mysterious stone coffin found at the ruins of the 12 th century Greyfriars church in Leicester, England, the site where King Richard III was discovered last year...