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Karahan Tepe

The Pilar Shrine a Karahan Tepe with the portal entrance at the back and the face in the middle of the right wall . ( Image: © Hugh Newman)

Can Winter Solstice At Karahan Tepe Explain A Shamanic Christmas Origin?

Ancient megalithic sites all over the world are still visited in celebration of winter solstice , to welcome the sunrise on the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. From Newgrange in...
Winter Solstice at Newgrange Tomb in Ireland.	 Source: Declan Hillman/Adobe Stock

The Winter Solstice at Seven Amazing Megalithic Sites

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the annual cycle centered around 21st December; a turning point of the year venerated by ancient cultures worldwide. Accurately built...
Standing man from Karahan Tepe. Source: Turkish Ministry of Culture

Karahan Tepe’s Remarkable Underworld Encounters Captivate Historians

Karahan Tepe, located close to its better known relative Göbekli Tepe in southeast Turkey, was first acknowledged in 1997 but remained unexcavated until 2019. Both sites, including several others,...
Selection of the recent discoveries made at Karahan Tepe and Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Source: Author provided

New Statues and Fresh Insights from Karahan Tepe and Göbekli Tepe

Remarkable new discoveries are coming out of the ground in southeast Turkey, bringing both Gobekli Tepe (9600 BC) and Karahan Tepe (9400 BC) back into the spotlight. Located just 23 miles (37 km)...
Metrological Relief in the Ashmolean museum (:geni/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

Archaeological Metrology: The Spirit Of Light Cubit In Ancient Sacral Architecture

A journey in search of the discovery of an ancient lost civilization that is more than 12,000 years old, supported by solid archaeological standards and evidence, provides indications that its global...
Are The Gōbekli Tepe Enclosures Giant Lunisolar Calendars?

Are The Gōbekli Tepe Enclosures Giant Lunisolar Calendars?

Situated in southern Turkey near the upper Euphrates, Gōbekli Tepe has become famous for its surprisingly advanced megalithic architecture and symbolism, seemingly too early for the hunter-gather...
Overview of Karahan Tepe with the Winter Solstice alignment.	Source: Author provided

Karahan Tepe: Stunning New Discovery of Winter Solstice Sunrise Alignment

A recently excavated archaeological site in the Tek Tek Mountains in the Şanlıurfa Province of Anatolia is shedding new light on the ingenuity and astonishing creativity of the Neolithic people from...
Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler means “Stone Hills” and refers to an area covering some 200 kilometers (124 miles) in ancient Anatolia, now Turkey, in the vicinity of present day Şanlıurfa . The Turkish Tourist Board...
Breakthrough Discovery: Karahan Tepe is Older Than Göbekli Tepe

Breakthrough Discovery: Karahan Tepe is Older Than Göbekli Tepe

Researchers in Turkey are about to embark on an excavation at the ancient site of Karahan Tepe and they believe it’s much older than Göbekli Tepe, the famous “zero point of world history.” Until now...
Karajan Tepe in Turkey

The Forgotten Stones of Karahan Tepe, Turkey

Read Part 1 - Forgotten Stones: Secrets of the Megalithic Quarries: Göbekli Tepe Read Part 2 – The Forgotten Stones of Baalbek, Lebanon Karahan Tepe is the sister site to the enigmatic Göbekli Tepe,...