François Joseph Navez, The Massacre of the Innocents, 1824

The Chilling Ancient Practice of Infanticide Was Once Accepted as Normal

Today, the thought of infanticide – the intentional killing of infants – fills us with horror, but in many ancient societies, not only was this practice permitted, it was considered a regular fact of...
Accounts of Roman Infanticide and Sacrifice All Just Myth and Legend?

Accounts of Roman Infanticide and Sacrifice All Just Myth and Legend?

It has long been taken as fact that ancient Romans brutally murdered, abandoned or sacrificed countless infants as piles of baby bones have been found at numerous Roman sites. However, a new study...
The tiny remains were found at the ancient Upward Sun River site in Alaska, USA.

Rare Bones and DNA of tiny children surprise scientists, support ideas about migration into the Americas 11,000 years ago

The small bodies of infants buried in an ancient campsite in the wilds of Alaska have given researchers a surprising and unprecedented look into the lives of prehistoric peoples and the ancient...
The Temple of the Sun, in front of which almost 100 bodies, including many infants, were excavated from an unlooted tomb.

Ring of Babies: The disturbing scene found in 1,000-year-old tomb in Peru

A disturbing scene unfolded as archaeologists in Peru excavated a 1,000-year-old tomb at the pre-Inca Pachacamac site several years ago: a ring of babies that had been buried with their heads facing...
Gebel Ramlah

The poignant discovery of a 6,500-year-old child mother and her infant

A team of Polish archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Neolithic burial ground containing the remains of dozens of children and infants in the region Gebel Ramlah, located in the southern part of...