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Composite Bust of Queen Teuta of Illyria (CC BY-SA 4.0) Romanized Liburnus war ship (Public Domain)

Historians’ Gender Bias Accounts Of Illyrian Queen Teute’s Roman Encounter

In a clash of ego’s Teute, a third century BC widowed queen regent of the Ardiaei tribe of Illyria , faced off a Roman envoy, who challenged her policy on piracy, yet historians Polybius’ and Cassius...
Mosaic of the Beauty of Durres (Enea shijaku / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Female Contenders For Alexander’s Crown: Cynane, Adea, Olympias

Behind every successful man stands an ambitious woman, the saying goes, more-so if she is a blood-relative of Alxander the Great, and a warrior. Claiming descent from Herakles, the son of Zeus,...
The Nymphaeum of Illyria at the ancient city of Apollonia, Albania fed by underground water sources, built in the middle of the 3rd century BC. It is the biggest and best-preserved Apollonia monument covering an area of 1,500 square meters or 16,146 square feet. Source: Carole Raddato / CC BY 2.0

Illustrious Post-Macedon Illyria and the Roman Illyrian Wars

The legendary and illustrious tribal kingdoms of Illyria were located in current-day Albania and Montenegro, just across the Adriatic from Italy. The Illyrian world was also an important strategic...
Artist's impression of Teuta, Queen of the Illyrian Ardiaei tribe

The Fierce Queen of the Illyrians: Teuta the Untameable

Following the defeat of Carthage in the First Punic War in 241 BC, the Roman Republic became a dominant naval power in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, Rome’s control of the seas was not absolute. To...
Two Ancient Palaces Unearthed in Montenegro Were Home to Famous Illyrian Rulers

Two Ancient Palaces Unearthed in Montenegro Were Home to Famous Illyrian Rulers

A team of archeologists from the University of Warsaw in Poland has unearthed the first known palace of the Illyrian kings in Montenegro. The discovery is impressive and expands the knowledge about...
Illyrian women

Ancient ivory tablets reveal high status of Illyrian women

Five 1800-year-old ivory tablets found in the Albanian city of Durres have just been deciphered shedding new light on the role that women played in ancient Illyrian culture, according to a report in...