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Holy Roman Empire

British royal family members, present and deceased, Buckingham Palace. 	Source: Carfax2/CC BY-SA 3.0

Origins of the British Royal Family Explained (Video)

The Windsors , the reigning royal family of the United Kingdom of Britain, have a rich and complex history rooted in the House of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha. Originally, the family traced its lineage...
AI generated image of Charlemagne Charles the Great king. Source: dan/Adobe Stock

Charlemagne: How He Changed History Forever (Video)

Charlemagne , also known as Charles the Great, stands as a pivotal figure in European history, reshaping the fragmented Western and Central Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Born...
Catholics and Oriental Christians debating. 	Source: Public Domain

What Caused the Christian Church’s Great Schism? (Video)

The Great Schism, a pivotal event in Christian history during the 11th century, was primarily fueled by profound theological disagreements and longstanding political tensions. At the heart of the...
Night view of the castle and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, over time, became the definitive center of the growing Kingdom of Bohemia.

The Kingdom of Bohemia: European Jewel and the Heritage of Czechs

The colorful history of the Czech Republic is firmly rooted in its predecessor, the illustrious Kingdom of Bohemia. A powerful kingdom that lasted for more than seven centuries, it was an...
Grand Prince Árpád crossing the Carpathians.Árpád Feszty's cyclorama titled the Arrival of the Hungarians. by Feszty vezerek (1892) (Public Domain)

The Mighty Magyars, a Medieval Menace to the Holy Roman Empire

The eighth to tenth centuries in Europe were turbulent times, as Western Europe was caught in the crossfire of invading foreign entities. Many came from the north, such as the various Viking factions...
Quedlinburg Castle and Monastery, Quedlinburg, Germany where the Annals of Quedlinburg were written.

The Annals of Quedlinburg: Rare Example of Female Scholarship in Medieval Europe

Mention medieval scholarship , and the first image that most people will have would probably be that of a monk with a quill in his hand and an open book before him. The most well-known scholars of...
Inside the alchemy laboratory of the Speculum Alchemiae museum.

Speculum Alchemiae: Secret Underground Alchemy Lab Discovered in Prague During Flood

The city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is known for many things. But one aspect of its history is often overlooked – it was a major center of the occult and the dark arts in the 16th...
Kyffhäuser Castle Monument - Barbarossa, Emperor Frederick I

Kyffhäusen Castle, Germany: When the Ravens Vanish, Barbarossa Will Return

The medieval Kyffhäusen Castle and the 19th century Kyffhäuser Monument were built on the Kyffhäuser hill range in Central Germany, located in the state of Thuringia, southeast of the Harz Mountains...