Elusive Mount Sinai, Hidden In Plain Site In Egypt

Elusive Mount Sinai, Hidden In Plain Site In Egypt


Many locations have been proposed for the biblical Mount Sinai. One of the latest sites is Jebel Madhbah near Petra, and while this and the classical site for Mount Sinai are all possibilities, there exists a radical new alternative which is more logical, evidential and far more provocative. The rugged desert mountains previously suggested would not get Indiana Jones reaching for his hat and whip, and rushing out of the door - but the latest evidence presented, just might.

Encampment of the Aulad-Sa'id at Mount Sinai. Is this Sinai? (Wellcome Images/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

Encampment of the Aulad-Sa'id at Mount Sinai. Is this Sinai? ( Wellcome Images CC BY-SA 4.0 )

Why should this mountain be so important to the three Judaic religions, and how did its location become forgotten?  The answer to the first question is relatively easy to answer: Mount Sinai was the location where Moses spoke to god. Indeed, it was rumored that the Israelite god actually lived inside this mountain, which would indeed make it special. However, the second question is more difficult to answer. Here is the most sacred mountain of the Israelites, the home of their all-powerful god, and someone simply forgot where it was! Why does Judaeo-Christianity always loose its most important characters and locations? Abraham, Moses, Joseph, King David, King Solomon, Jesus, Mary, and Saul, plus the route of the Exodus, King David's palace and  Jesus' tomb   -  they have all gone missing from the historical and archaeological record for some reason. Are these religions simply forgetful, or are they withholding secrets?

Israelites Are Hyksos

If the latter is the case, then what were the Israelite leadership trying to hide? The answer is contained in Ellis’ books  Tempest & Exodus  (2002) and  Eden in Egypt , (2004) where it is explained that the Israelites were actually the  Hyksos pharaohs of Egypt . And yet this radical proposal is not without merit, for it was originally suggested by Josephus Flavius, Judaism’s greatest historian. But if Josephus was correct - and the evidence suggests that he was - then the Israelite Exodus out of Egypt must have been the Hyksos Exodus out of Egypt, just as Josephus claims. This also implies that the original beliefs of Judaism must have had a distinctly Egyptian bias. The Hyksos people venerated nearly the full pantheon of Egyptian gods, and so early Judaism must have been substantially polytheistic before the reforms of Pharaoh Akhenaten took effect.


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Ralph Ellis  was trained in surveying and computer science. He has been touring the Mediterranean and researching Egyptian and biblical history for over 40 years, and his comparisons between the two have greatly assisted our understanding of biblical history. He has written 13 books, including  Tempest and Exodus

Top Image Moses on Mount Sinai by Jean-Léon Gérôme  (1824–1904) ( Public Domain )

By Ralph Ellis



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Hi All,

This is great if this be the right location for Mt. Sinai, where is The Red Sea in relation to Mt. Sinai?

Exodus teaches God parted The Red Sea so The Children of Israel could then Cross and flee the pursuing Egyptian Army. Israel's arrival to Mt. Sinai was delayed by the need for water, bread traveling through The Valley of Rephalim which then God sent them Manna food of The Angel's.

Followed by an attack by the Amalekites a tribe from within Esau bloodline I got the impression the other Edomites hated Them. After all that headache Israel along with an Mixed Multitude arrived at Mt. Sinai.

I recognize that this be the Earthly Mt. Sinai for The Holy Mountain of God is located in God's Country in Heaven this Mountain towers over Seven other Mountains in God's Country so I believe this to be The Heavenly Mt. Sinai, that reminds me hey do you know what The Greeks called this same Mountain in Heaven? Mt. Olympus!

I learned all of this from my Studying of The Biblical Book's of Enoch, Enoch 1 The Book of The Watchers to be more precise.
Well I'll leave this discussion at this junction so until next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

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