The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) (Public Domain)

Ancient Demonic Shadows Of Today's Alien Body Snatchers


The demons that tormented the people of history were considered to be angels cast out of heaven for defying God, and similarly, today’s aliens are believed to come from distant, incomprehensible, realms in the universe. This raises the question: Are historical accounts of the demons who snatched souls, witches who stole children, vampires who sucked blood and succubi that drained men’s sperm, the same phenomena as the reported aliens abducting people today? Do all of the sky-oriented phenomena share a common origin?

A 16th century wooden corbel supporting a jettied floor of a former coaching inn in Cambridge. The bracket is in the form of a succubus, showing that the inn was also a brothel. (Andrew Dunn/CC BY-SA 2.0)

A 16th century wooden corbel supporting a jettied floor of a former coaching inn in Cambridge. The bracket is in the form of a succubus, showing that the inn was also a brothel. ( Andrew Dunn /CC BY-SA 2.0 )

While all of these ghoulish concepts can be associated with violations of the mind, body or soul, they can also all be categorized as ‘abductions’, but even though they have all had a deep impact on story, folklore and mythology, scientists see not a shred of evidence that demons, spirits, witches or aliens have ever existed, much less considering if they did, or did not, strip people of their bodily fluids. What then did the millions of ‘abductees’ throughout history, who have gone to their graves determined that they were ‘taken in the night’, actually experience?

The Changeling by Henry Fuseli (1781) (Public Domain)

The Changeling by Henry Fuseli ( 1781) ( Public Domain )

Barney And Betty Hill Abduction

Finding the origins of the first demonic abduction, possession or interaction on record is complicated in comparison to determining the first modern reported alien abductions. One of the earliest alien abduction reports was made in 1961 by American couple Barney and Betty Hill, who while driving one night on a mountain road in New Hampshire, reported witnessing a bright light which they said turned out to be a disk-shaped object. Under hypnosis the Hills said they were stopped at a roadblock manned by “ short beings with large heads and eyes, small ears and mouths, and hairless ashen-colored skin .” According to Professor Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden in their book Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, the Hills claim that they had been taken aboard an alien ship where they experienced unconventional medical examinations. Since this report the past six decades have seen thousands of similar reports from all over the world.


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Ashley Cowie  is a Scottish historian, author and documentary filmmaker presenting original perspectives on historical problems, in accessible and exciting ways. His books, articles and television shows explore lost cultures and kingdoms, ancient crafts and artifacts, symbols and architecture, myths and legends telling thought-provoking stories which together offer insights into our shared social history .

Top Image : The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) ( Public Domain )

By Ashley Cowie 

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