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hill fort

Aerial view of the Badbury rings. Source: Aaron King/Wirestock/Adobe Stock

Badbury Rings, the Ancient Legacy of Dorset

One casual stroll through the English countryside is enough to tell you that this is a land brimming with history. Its fields, valleys, and plains are all dotted with the ancient remnants of all the...
Aerial image of Danebury Fort, an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire, England. Source: Hampshire Hub and University of Southampton/OGL v1.0OGL v1.0

Danebury Fort, the Formidable Home of Iron Age Britons

Danebury Fort, also known simply as Danebury, is an Iron Age hillfort located in Hampshire, England. It is one of the most extensively studied hillforts in Britain and is known for its archaeological...
Caratacus, King of the Silures, delivered up by Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes to Roman General  Ostorius by Francesco Bartolozzi (Public Domain)

Britain’s Stanwick Oppidum: Capital Of Queen Cartimandua And The Brigantes?

Britain's Iron Age landscape conceals many secrets and has many tales to tell and few stories are more dramatic than that of the Brigantes and their queen Cartimandua, when the Romans arrived in...
Unexpected Iron Age Settlement and Roman Villa Found in Oxfordshire

Unexpected Iron Age Settlement and Roman Villa Found in Oxfordshire

In the vicinity of a hill fort site located at Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire , a team of archaeologists from DigVentures uncovered something unexpected and marvelous. While digging in anticipation of...
Chittorgarh Fort, in Rajasthan, has been the backdrop for centuries of power struggles. Source: Public domain

Chittorgarh Fort: A Tale of Sieges, Conquest and Singing Ecstasy

Chittorgarh Fort is a hill fort located in Chittorgarh (known also as Chittor), a city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. Chittorgarh Fort is said to be the largest fort in Rajasthan , and is...
Ranthambore Fort was built not only as a stronghold, but also became a center of Chauhan culture in Rajasthan, India. Photo source: RealityImages / Adobe Stock

Ranthambore Fort: Rajasthani Stronghold and Center of Chauhan Culture

Located in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, it is widely believed that Ranthambore Fort was constructed during the 10 th century AD. It has also been suggested that the hill fort was actually...
Maiden Castle Hill fort, Dorset          Source: Dorset Council

Roman vs Britons Battle of AD43 Never Happened Says Academic

An archaeologist has been accused of ´inventing´ an AD 43 battle after digging up skeletons of an ancient Britonic tribe. It was recorded as the ´massacre´ of a tribe of Britons in Dorset’s Maiden...
A pig’s jaw found at the Navan Hill Fort site  Source: Dr Richard Madgwick / Scientific Reports

Iron Age Feasting and Festivities Evidenced at Navan Hill Fort

Animal teeth and bones excavated by archaeologists from the ancient Navan Hill Fort site in modern-day County Armagh suggest the location was an ancient center for ritual gatherings. Each of the pig...
An aerial photograph of Dinas Dinlle Iron Age Hill Fort from the north (suffering from coastal erosion); Gwynedd, Cymru / Wales. Cromlechs & Ancient Sites. (CADW/Visit Wales/CC BY SA 3.0)

Experts Scramble to Study Ancient Fort Before It’s Lost to the Sea

Archaeologists working on the 2,500-year-old Dinas Dinlle hill fort on the Gwynedd coastline in Wales are racing a climate change clock to uncover the site’s secrets before they are lost to the sea...
Buckland Rings - artist's impression from gates

LIDAR Reveals 2,000-Year-Old Dwellings of Earliest Occupants of an Iron Age Hill Fort

A team of archaeologists has detected a conurbation of houses at a hill fort that once hosted some of the earliest occupants of a New Forest town, an area of southern England which includes one of...
Mynydd Preseli hills and Waldo Williams memorial stone. The famous hills from where the bluestones of Stonehenge originated, pictured with the memorial monolith to poet Waldo Williams, 1904-1971

Millennia-Old Quarry Site for Stonehenge Stones Damaged and Looted

BBC reports that archaeologists and conservationists have been extremely concerned lately and keep reminding visitors to the Preseli Hills located in Wales to leave ancient sites and monuments as...
Ancient relics unearthed by rabbits

Ancient relics unearthed by rabbits leads to discovery of treasure trove

In February last year, a family of rabbits won some favour amongst archaeologists in England when they dug up an ancient artifact in Cornwall. Researchers quickly picked up where the busy rabbits had...