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Detail of Narmer smiting an enemy, portrayed on the Narmer Palette, Nekhen, Egypt.	Source: Public Domain

Narmer's Reign: The Epic Beginnings of Ancient Egypt (Video)

In the 31st century BC, Narmer , an ambitious king of Upper Egypt, orchestrated a pivotal conquest, uniting both Upper and Lower Egypt and establishing himself as the first ruler of the combined...
Was this the world’s first zoo? Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

Was This Ancient Egyptian Site The World's First Zoo? (Video)

In the world of ancient mysteries lies a peculiar Egyptian burial ground that challenges our understanding of the past. Archaeologist Dr Renée Friedman and her team have discovered a prehistoric...
Dogs were very important to the ancient Egyptians. Source: StockMediaProduction / Adobe Stock.

Here's Why Dogs Were So Important to Ancient Egyptians (Videos)

In ancient Egypt, the importance of dogs transcended their domestic companionship. These canines played an indispensable role in the capture and control of exotic creatures. Fierce teams of hunters...
The Narmer Palette discovered at Nekhen. Source: Public domain

Predynastic Site Emerges from the Sand: Nekhen, City of the Hawk

Nekhen was once a bustling city located on the western bank of the River Nile in predynastic ancient Egypt, well before the construction of the pyramids. Also known as Hierakonpolis, the Greek for “...
Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Primaeval Temples Of Egypt: Hidden Gods In The Sand

Temples have always fascinated people. Although their structure, design and meaning, are sometimes taken for granted, they seem to be magical religion made manifest. It seems to be one of mankind’s...
Though Egyptian hippos are now extinct in Egypt they still thrive in Africa. And these hippos are shown with lotus flowers, which often featured as decoration in Egyptian hippo figurines and paintings.                  Source: Faas / Adobe Stock

Egyptian Hippos: Ancient Symbol of Protection, Rebirth And Hunting

The ancient Egyptians had an undeniable and powerful connection to nature and the world around them. Almost every animal and plant had a specific meaning to their way of life, inspiring grand murals...
Pre-dynastic settlement of Nekhen

Pre-dynastic tomb sheds light on Egyptian life before Pharaohs

Earlier this month, archaeologists announced the discovery of an extremely rare tomb containing a preserved mummy and numerous artifacts, which date back to a period which predates the First...