One of six trophy heads found in the 27 funerary pits.

Recently Unearthed Head Collectors in Ancient Peru Might Not Be So Unique

Head-hunting, as a way of establishing power and veneration of the head as the throne of the soul and the body’s spiritual engine, began in Europe as far back as Mesolithic times, approximately 13,...
Nazca Head-hunters - Trophy Head

The Nazca Head-hunters and their Trophy Heads

The Nazca culture of Peru is perhaps most well-known for the enigmatic Nazca Lines , hundreds of lines and stylized images built into the Peruvian coastal plain. Yet, there is more to this ancient...
Hopewell Skull

Hopewell skulls pose a mystery

The Hopewell culture describes a widely dispersed set of related Native American populations that flourished along The Ohio River Valley from 200 BC to 500 AD. The culture is characterised by its...