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Habsburg family portrait by Martin van Meytens, 1764.        Source: Public Domain

The Rise and Fall of the Habsburg Empire (Video)

The Habsburg Empire , a dynasty spanning nearly 600 years, wielded vast influence over central and Eastern Europe. Unlike other monarchies, the Habsburgs were a family lineage rather than a single...
Chivalry and The Order of the Golden Fleece

Chivalry and The Order of the Golden Fleece

The Order of the Golden Fleece is an order of chivalry that was founded by Philip III, the Duke of Burgundy, on the occasion of his marriage to Isabella of Portugal in the 15 th century. Through the...
Unravelling the True Story of the Legendary Trojan Horse

Unravelling the True Story of the Legendary Trojan Horse

The Trojan horse really exists, or rather did exist until a few years ago. It is a horse that has crossed history over the last 3,000 years, who has made poets, princes, kings, and emperors fall in...
Coin hoard from early 18th century stashed in ceramic mug. Source: KPÚ Košice

Stashed Coin Hoard From Hapsburg Revolt Unearthed in Slovakia

Archaeologists have found a coin hoard in Slovakia . The silver treasure was uncovered in the foundations of an old church. No one is sure who owned the coins and they are somewhat mysterious, but it...
King Charles II of Spain, was the last Habsburg ruler of the Spanish Empire. He is now best remembered for his physical disabilities. Source: TRAJAN 117 / Public Domain

Inbreeding Armageddon Annihilated The Habsburg Dynasty

Scientists have proven inbreeding brought about severe facial deformations and collapsed of one of Europe’s most powerful historical dynasties . The royal European Habsburg family sat on the throne...
Members of the Habsburg family

Weird Ideas, Weird Behaviors: Bringing the Habsburg Family Skeletons Out of the Closet

The Habsburg family is one of the most important royal families in the history of Europe. This may be somewhat surprising, as many of the rulers from this family behaved strangely, had some weird...