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ghost town

Abandoned village of Granadilla in Spain. Source:  JIRMoronta / Adobe Stock.

Granadilla: The Spanish 'Ghost Town' That Should be Underwater (Video)

The picturesque town of Granadilla, located in Spain , carries a captivating tale of abandonment and longing. With its roots tracing back to the 9th Century AD, this medieval gem thrived for...
The ruined remains of Kuldhara village in India. Source: bluesea / Adobe Stock

Abandoned for Love and Cursed for Eternity: What Happened in Kuldhara?

The Indian village of Kuldhara is shrouded in mystery. Once a prosperous and thriving community, the village was suddenly abandoned in the 19th century and has remained uninhabited ever since...
The abandoned city of Craco, Italy. Source: Tupungato / Adobe Stock

14 Stunning Pictures of Ancient Ghost Towns

Whether the result of war, famine, disaster, or an empire’s downfall, hundreds of ancient and medieval towns and cities across the world have become deserted . Many of them remain today as abandoned...
Craco, Italy

Craco: The Abandoned Medieval Ghost Town of Italy

For nearly fifty years, the town of Craco in southern Italy has stood uninhabited. Here, dark windows look out at potential travelers like empty eye sockets and the streets and buildings of this...