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Abandoned village of Granadilla in Spain. Source:  JIRMoronta / Adobe Stock.

Granadilla: The Spanish 'Ghost Town' That Should be Underwater (Video)


The picturesque town of Granadilla, located in Spain, carries a captivating tale of abandonment and longing. With its roots tracing back to the 9th Century AD, this medieval gem thrived for centuries until a fateful event unfolded in the late 1950s, forever altering the lives of its inhabitants. During that time, a dam constructed under the regime of Francisco Franco posed a grave threat to the town. The imminent flooding necessitated the relocation of the approximately 1,000 residents who called Granadilla home. In a span of just ten years, the town transformed from a bustling community to a ghost town.

Curiously, despite the passage of more than five decades, the floodwaters have yet to engulf Granadilla. The natural disaster that prompted the exodus never materialized, leaving the town untouched and its streets eerily frozen in time. However, despite the absence of any imminent danger, the former residents remain prohibited from returning to their cherished abodes. This enigma engenders a sense of yearning and nostalgia among the original inhabitants. The echoes of their laughter, the intimate stories shared within the town's walls, and the vibrant tapestry of their lives all seem suspended in an unfinished chapter of Granadilla's history.

Top image: Abandoned village of Granadilla in Spain. Source:  JIRMoronta / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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