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Inveraray Castle’s State Dining Room (Ian Dick / Flickr)

The Stunning Interior of Inveraray Castle’s State Dining Room (Video)

Inveraray Castle's State Dining Room is a masterpiece of late 18th-century art and design. The 5th Duke of Argyle, aiming to impress his guests with the latest Georgian fashions, oversaw a remarkable...
Ishak Pasha Palace, Turkey. Source: MehmetOZB / Adobe Stock.

Ishak Pasha Palace: Turkey’s Monument of the Ottoman Empire (Video)

Nestled amidst the remote hills of Doğubayazıt in eastern Turkey, the Ishak Pasha Palace stands as a captivating blend of cultures and architectural prowess. Constructed by the Pasha family over a...
Ancient traditional salt production in Bali, Indonesia. Source: lenaivanova2311 / Adobe Stock.

An Elaborate Affair: Getting Dressed as an 18th Century Gentleman (Video)

Dressing as an 18th-century gentleman was no easy feat. The process of getting dressed was highly regimented and required the help of a valet or servant to assist in the process. Each item of...
Highway Project Unearths Post-Medieval Burial Ground in England

Highway Project Unearths Post-Medieval Burial Ground in England

Twelve months after a massive archaeological dig at the Trinity Burial Ground that forms part of a £355 million Highways England improvement and redevelopment project started in Hull in northern...
Painting of a ghostly looking woman. (Public Domain) Rose Hall, the estate house of a former sugar plantation, in Jamaica.

Annie Palmer, The White Witch of Rose Hall

One time I was down to Jamaica to a place called Rose Hall Plantation …A lady named Annie Palmer who lived in that great house there …Well they tell a lot of tales about Annie They say she had three...
Medieval tower, Dublin Castle, Ireland          Source: Tupungato/ Adobe Stock

Dublin Castle, Encapsulating the Beauty and History of Ireland

As with many other European counties, Ireland has multitude of historic castles and fortresses. Perhaps the best-known on the island is Dublin Castle. This stronghold has played an important part in...
Aristotle’s Masterpiece Completed in Two Parts.

Ancient X-Rated Book of Perversion Goes Up For Sale. Any Bidders?

A perverted "sex manual" featuring shocking magical and mythical X-rated content will be sold at a UK auction next month. The first edition of this sordid book entitled Aristotle's Masterpiece...
Best-Preserved Ancient Fruit Found in 4,000-Year-Old Burial Chamber

Best-Preserved Ancient Fruit Found in 4,000-Year-Old Burial Chamber: Honey’s Preservative Power

By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times An Early Bronze Age burial mound in Georgia, known as a kurgan, held in its depths astonishingly well preserved wild fruits. Sitting underground for thousands of years...