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Patagonia’s Lost City of the Caesars

The City of the Caesars , a.k.a. the Wandering City, is a lost city that is said to have to existed somewhere in Patagonia. According to legends, it was a city rich with gold, silver, and diamonds. The inhabitants of the city are variously described as giants, shipwreck survivors, ghosts, or members of the Inca Empire. Do you think the City of the Caesars really existed? If so, who built it? Where is it? And what happened to it?

Patagonia's Lost City of The Caesar's

Hi All,

I think the Ancient World is so full of mystery we may never find the answers to all of these questions but, I'm not about to declare that the world of Patagonia Lost City of The Caesar's never existed I've learned this essential lesson from previous unknown Usurped Biblical Accounts taken out of
The Holy Bible.

Besides I'm a Believer and I Believe that Eden once existed that it was a place of Balance Harmony and The Home of our Parent's you know before The Fall. This is why I feel The Caesar's Lost City could be true.

The Giant aspect already caught my attention which makes me think perhaps originally oh right I'll say it what if a Family of Giant's were referred to as Caesar? People in general meaning us usually choose names from History whether Familial or Ancient.

Think of the names of Christians named after people in The Bible.

I was fascinated by how many people from Diverse Areas and places in Africa; all seemed to have names from The Old Testament or New Testament, accept in the other Nations in Africa who are known for following Islam.

My point is maybe somehow a few of our Ancient Ancestors may in fact had learned the names of Giant Clans throughout Ancient History if so Patagonia might have existed say either Before The Great Flood or After The Great Flood.

You know now that I think of that aspect Patagonia could have been mentioned in Enoch.

Enoch from Ethiopia; has a Fragment of The Book of Noah in The Biblical Account, it does describe a kind of Patagonia like place, Created by Beings that were never even suppose to exist. Since this was captured in The Book of Noah then that place was most likely destroyed by The Great Flood.

I only base this possibility on what I'm reading in these specific Biblical Accounts. I know not everyone is going to agree with this assessment on Patagonia. For me this comes from and arena that I am most comfortable with.

What I'm thinking is that the Caesar's were some Clans of Giant's... you know in The Book of Judges chapter 4 details the Account of Barak and The Prophetess Deborah.

Barak was appointed by God to take on The Cruel Canaanite King Jabin who ruled from Hazor and his skilled Commander of his Army Sisera. This is where I first believed the name Caesar originated. Genesis/Enoch/Jubilees were written in the dual languages of Hebrew and Aramaic. Once Tower of Babel took place with God changing the languages I feel Sisera became Caesar.

Now in Patagonia those Sisera Clans thrived in The Genesis/Jubilees Timeline then that means those Giants were probably going by the name of Sisera first.

In Judges Sisera lived at Harosheth Hagoyim perhaps the full name of Lost City of Caesar from Patagonia before The Great Flood reshaped our Planet.

I stress I know not a lot of people will agree with me on this but, this is what I think happened to Patagonia Lost City of The Caesar.

I have a recommendation I'd like you all to consider in this Forum go to Google and search for The Book of Enoch, look for the heading hiddenBible.

This web site gives you the searcher The chance to read All Six Chapters of this Biblical Account about Enoch and I'm not saying believe it, I'm only saying read it for yourself, that's all.

Enoch 1 Book of the Watchers.

Here's an intriguing point in Judges about Barak and Sisera The Canaanite Army officer Sisera ( oddly it's puzzling what catches one's attention about someone in The Bible), it deals with how God allowed Sisera to Die.

After, suffering a major defeat Sisera in Military language retreated before the battle between God's Chosen People.

God instructed an Prophetess Deborah to tell Barak; that he was too lead an Army against The Canaanite King Jabin, and his Commander Sisera.

Barak accepted the appointment from God but, added "I will go if only you come with Me", so Deborah said She'd go but, that "Victory would be given in to The Hands of a Woman".

Sisera ran from the decimated Battlefield when came upon a tent of a woman he mistakenly believed were friends of King Jabin, She was Not.

The woman kindly invited Him in to the Tent he was able to get some of his armor off then requested of the friendly hostess for a cup of warm milk to drink (this action reminds me of Hot Chocolate).

The woman obliged her guest's request gave him his milk, an a tent bed to sleep on for Sisera was thoroughly exhausted.

Sisera fell asleep The Bible said He softly snored.

After, making certain Sisera was asleep Wham She drives a sharp Tent Peg through His Temple and so died in his Sleep Sisera did not know what Hit him.

Considering the circumstances of Sisera's Death that is without a doubt throughout The Whole Bible most merciful Death in the entire Scriptures; by any one human person literally Sisera didn't know what Hit Him he was fast asleep at peace.

Judges doesn't say whether are not his corpse was even abused.

Like decapitation, skinning an human body or hanging it's corpse by the side of an Gate no simply He fell into a deep sleep, definitely God's Doing on that part, an a Tent Peg was drove through His Temple where He Dies not knowing what Hit Him; truly most fascinating, to Me.

The Woman was a cousin by biology and marriage of Moses her people were known as the Kennites Moses' brother-in-law Zipporahs brother Hobab Son of Jethro The Midianite Priest who worshipped The Living God of Abraham.

Abraham was the Father of The Midianites through 3rd Wife Keturah mentioned in Genesis chapter 25 (Sarah had Died in chapter 24).

Let's see here I know I got side tracked by Sisera so on to Patagonia's Lost City.

Wow this is a exciting topic to discuss so This is all, I have to say on Patagonia & Lost City of The Caesar's; so I guess, I'll leave here hope to hear from everyone soon so until next time Everybody, Goodbye!


It is now well known (and resubstantiated) that there were massive city populations and civilizations up the Amazon river, when a Spanish Bishop made his travels in the early/mid 1500s.  Now they only remain as earth mounds, rings, etc.  Why they moved out (Spanish conquest and refugee movement, spanish diseases, ...) remains unclear with no 1 single answer explaining everything.  It is entirely possible with other warming events across the planet (biblical droughts in the time of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob (1600s-1300s BC, warming event (400-900 CE), Scandinavian western and Russian eastern exploration and colonization of North America tundra and an open Arctic Sea (900-1100 CE), … the same could be said for far warmer temperatures and climate for Argentina/Chile Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego … and the famous Piri Reis map of the 1500s CE.  It is entirely possible like the Northern Hemisphere, that the global equatorial climate of the Dark Ages had people migrating north into (new normal) temperate climate, and the same for the Southern Hemisphere.  When the mini Ice Age of the 1300s-1500s returned the climate, the people migrated back down into restored lower lattitude temperate climates.  So mobile migrations into the southern hemisphere (then abandonment) would be a normal consequence in history.  How much this is related to ancient western euro civilization, exploration, discovery, migration, colonization is another subject.

Giants in Patagonia

It must be taken into account that Francis Drake, along with other European sailors was diminutive by todays standards.

At 6’4” I would have appeared a giant to him as he was quite tall for his time at 5’5”. My son is even taller at 7 feet..Mostly this has to do with diet. Englishmen had an average height that fluctuated , they grew taller after the Roman invasion and shorter after the Black Death. The Patagonian Tribes were obviously better fed that the explorers who first encountered them.

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

Giants in Patagonia

Hello Macgregor,

Because of the Pandemic I can't go to Bible Study meetings so I watch Video Bible Meetings on Ytube.

I came across this specific Bible Meeting conducted by Pastor Chuck his Study was on The Days of Noah: An The Return of The Nephilim.

I'm not talking about the Nephilim but, that'll come up some other time. Pastor Chuck teaching that stuck out to me at this Bible Meeting is what he said about the Memoirs of Wild Bill the guy who created The Traveling Wild West Show.

This is in Wild Bill Memoirs as a young man he led a small party of people to some destination there was a surgeon who traveled with the small group.

The group stopped in Pawnee Territory while lingering there The Indigenous Tribe approached The Party; in their possession was some bones they showed the people.

These bones were immense in size so big it astounded; the party but, the surgeon did after a through examination identified them to be Human bones.

It was then, I stress that this is on the Video Bible Meeting on Ytube under the Title of The Days of Noah and The Return of The Nephilm, and Pastor Chuck related this part of Wild Bills Memoirs.

The Pawnees shared that the area The Small Party stopped at A Race of Giant's once thrived in that territory.

The Pawnees told Wild Bill and The People that those Giants were fast they could run down a buffalo pick it up under their arm (they were incredibly strong), and rip a leg off 9f that Buffalo and eat it.

I've seen in Zoo's how big a buffalo can reach in height so just how big were those Giant's that The Pawnees shared with Wild Bill and that party?

Oh on an side note Pastor Chuck mentioned that when greeting strangers Indigenous Tribes display all five fingers because their checking to see if anyone has Six Fingers and that's because the Giants had Six Fingers & Six Toes.

can anyone possibly do a math formula involving that scenario measuring the giant carrying an buffalo?

Since the sermon was 3 hours long Pastor Chuck did repeat Wild Bill Memoirs about The Pawnees and the Giant Bones.

See I only thought Giants existed in The Bible and no where else and when reading children's stories about Giants I thought wow people are writing about Giants because of The Bible.

Now that, I know how many multitudes of people, languages, and cultures have both Oral and written Account History; relating to living amongst Giant's I can't dismiss this subject anymore.

In the case of the Indigenous Tribes here before Europe (although in oral history of the Americas the Giants were all White with Red Hair, an in Incan Territory down at Peru, The Giants maintained disgusting mating practices), here before Africa in Chains they would know the History of this land because they've been here longer.

Many Indigenous Tribes can recall the first moment in history when they first laid eyes on Europeans.

The Indigenous Tribes in Massachusetts can remember the disease that wiped out entire communities of
Indigenous. Peoples.

The Indian Removal Act, signed in 1830, in to Law by Andrew Jackson aka Indian Killer, forcing out Chicksaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek and The Seminoles from ancestral Lands and dumped in Oklahoma.

The Arapaho Cheyenne can remember Sand Creek Massacre, in 1864 by The U.S. Calvary, and the two officers in the Outfit who turned everyone involved with the Massacre.

The Arapaho Cheyenne (I hope I haven't spelled The Indigenous Tribe wrong) know that one of The Officers who testified on their behalf was Assassinated in 1865, for telling the Truth on what happened.

Then of course there was Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1893, executed by the U.S. Army still remembered by the Dakotas an Lakotas even to this day.

All the Indigenous Tribe remembers when The U.S. Army gave them infected blankets of Chicken Pox, Small Pox, and Measles knowing full well the people had no immunity against the disease.

My point is an probably worse examples to use in this discussion on Giant's; unfortunately, I couldn't think of another topic to mention; then yes I believe that there were both Race, Clans, and Tribes of Giant's that lived in The Americas.

I'm aware that know one will really agree with me about The Giant's, this is what makes me an Oddball.

Well until next time Macgregor, Goodbye!

Ancient Giants, anywhere

I’m a degreed anthrolpolgist. I’ve studied ancient giants in books and on TV cable /Anclient Aliens. The most archealogically  plausable district to search is the Island of Sardinia, an italian possession . Here are found numerous mysterious huge megalithic (mega=large; lithic=made of stone)stone constructions, including obvious burials of 7-12ft “Giants”, along with ancient bones and artifacts. These buried remains, mostly found for 100’s of years by local famers plowing their fields , once turned in to authorities, have been supressed by the local gov’t for unknown reasons. Living Giants still exist on/or in Earth today. They are called, :”Big Foot, and “Yeti” and other indigenous tribal names. Best theories to explain why they haven’t been found center around them living underground, or inside mountains. These are our ancestors. Scientific name is :”Gigantopithicus” only one fossil tooth has been admitted to be found so far by “lamestream”  science. What are they covering up?

ancient thunderbolts

Giant's Secret History

Hello Bouvier,

I was wondering that too if it were possible those Sightings of Big Foot, Yeti, Abominable Snowmen, and Skunk Man in Florida a Big Foot species of some kind that they could be could be Giant's?

As for cover ups about these Giant Skeletons I guess it's the fear of the unknown that people so resist the probability that Giant's walked besides Normal sized Human's. It's like the monster hiding in the closet or under your bed is real.

I'll come back again an add something else but, for now I have to go so until next time Bouiver Goodbye!

Giants, Megaliths, OOparts, etc

The absolute basic understanding of why modern science, history and RELIGION won’t discuss these topics is because in ancient times – our ancestors had the proper understandings.  All such peoples (and monsters) were pre-Adamites.  Those Signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians, Deists, and Theists.  They had a different (even like me, Celtic Christian) understanding of the Bible and ancient history, geology, etc.  They did believe in other people on other planets, … and such angels were not in Heaven, but in heavenly outer space (Star People).  It is with modern (deliberate) misinterpretations of the catholic doctrines still embedded into protestant faith – that you can’t discuss or account for all these anomalies – thusly you must not (taboo !) talk about them, show such artifacts (Smithsonian and other museums gathering up all these items – hiding or destroying them).  Giants such as a spllt-off branch of ancient evolution (not our bloodline !!!) of ape men, are those pre-Adamites.  But if you admit that, then our (biblical) creation is not a special event.  We are descendants of Star People – not these pre-Adamites.  If you admit to being descendants of Star People (and such mythistory of these ancient pantheons of ancient nations – and they ARE !) then you rebuke the entire catholic doctrine of their Genesis account.  And with such advanced Gods and their UFO et al technologies and engineerings (Star Wars of those times), you also then get into that we aren’t so special and God’s chosen little dirt ball creations.  The entire basis of modern (social) science, history, (social-ized) anthropology, and religion is catholic lies.  Not that the entire christian faith is bogus – but that these portions of doctrines of demons are absolutely false.  We have transoceanic shipping in ancient times.  There were (and still are out there) UFOs and other such advanced technologies.  Our ancient ancestors were FAR MORE intelligent than the mass of dumbed down stoopids we have on the planet today – with recovered civililzation and technologies since the Industrial Revolution.  True geology, and anthropology of the human race – and those of the pre-Adamites need to be known and understood.  We have migrated over and over this planet, back and forth, west to east, crossed oceans, east to west, crossed oceans, north to south, south to north.  This planet has under gone massive cosmic, solar, and planetary disasters taking down multiple civilizations since 400,000 BC.  All of the (said) five major extinctions DID NOT happen with this planet IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM.  This planet was not created in this solar system.  This planet, has been rogue billiard balls slung across this galactic arm of this galaxy from the days of its creation 14+ billion years ago.  All of those events, major and minor extinctions, (google up major extinctions and look at the chart) there are 10s of 10s of minor extinctions also between those major extinctions.  And then other minor extinctions continuing to happen with planetary changes.  It can only be said with some certainty that our bloodline has been on this planet for 400,000 years.  It that time period, the planet’s peoples have undergone extinction events at 100,000s BC, 40,000s BC, end of Ice Age (with a cosmic plasma wave scorching the earth 12,000s/10,000s BC, then (by biblical accounts) the capture of the Moon and biblical disruption of the stratosphere waters (upper heavens) with the biblical Flood ~1987 BC, the explosion of Thera 1620 BC and the migration of the Aryans out of Euro into the Mideast and Egypt (Hyksos, Sea Peoples, Habiru etc.), and the (Velikovsky) flyby of Venus 1207-1206 BC and Exodus out of Egypt (at the same time that Osiris (YHWH) and his UFO fleet conducted a Star Wars fight against the 10 gods and Egyptian UFO armada – completely annhiliating them.  With true knowledge, you see that the majority (and tyranny of the elites) have told us a lie – continue to lie – peer pressure on those elites (false priesthood) to lie to the people – keeping them uninformed.  The pyramids et al were in times previous to the end of the Ice Age (and not part of the Egyptian dynastic period).  Even Egyptian history is buggered with the 17th and 18th dynasties put into linear history – when they are actually happening at the same time of 1295/1292 BC onwards to 1207/6 BC !!!  So expect modern lying academia to not discuss or resolve all these enigmas – lest the whole academia and the (catholic) church be overthrown for their lies.  Those giants of Patagonia, like biblical giants, Goliath and his 4 giant brothers, Sampson a descendant of a giant line, and the mythic stories of giants and giant killers, … They were other portions of the pre-Adamites and giant lines of Star People.  Even the discussion of the coneheads (Sphinx head is a conehead with Egyptian menes head dress), and the ancient Egyptian (and Peruvian et al) gods were coneheads wearing big head dress and crown hats to cover their boulder heads.  True DNA studies (when someone can get just a sample of sasquatch etc) they will find that it is not CroMagnon, Denisovan, Neanderthal, or any human haploid group.  These Patagonian giants can be of any lilneage of destroyed Star People descendants, ape men pre-Adamites that still remain around the planet, or such better fed and taller growthed people than the ancient midget humans.  The Roman soldiers were said to be 5-0 to 5-4 feet tall.  The 1776 American soldiers were smaller than their British soldier opponents (being 5-6 to 5-7 tall vs 5-8 to 5-10, while George Washington was 6-0+ feet tall was a giant for his time).  Only now with modern nutrition even the Koreans and Japanese and Americans respring back up to 6 feet tall and healthy.  Such Patagonians would be considered giants (like the Exodus Israelites calling the Canaanites giants by comparative stature) to other colonial adventurers.  Even the African tribe of tall Zulus come from genetics but also a healthy diet.  These Patagonians could have come from anywhere, even being descendants of the landed Noah’s Ark (mother ship UFO) in the Andes (not Turkish Ararat mountains).  The distribution of the post-Flood descendants by the gods across the planet into the multiple Fertile Crescents of those days happened from the Americas (the true Old World) into the Euro-African-Mideast-Asian continent (the true New World) … and only reconnected with sailing adventures of Egyptians, Phoenicians, Israelites, British, Romans, Norse,,,, , etc in the times of 1000 BC (Solomon’s fleet with gold of Ophir-Peru and Indian pheasants and chickens) and later.  The whole nation was sailed in those days of the Phoenicians and the Pharaoh’s Egyptian fleet (that was dowried to Solomon when he married the Pharaoh’s daughter.  The true knowledge of history of this planet is not being told by academia and the elites.

Patagonia's Lost City of The Caesar's

Hi All,

It seems have something else to share about Patagonia; I'm aware I've mentioned this subject before but, I am so fascinated by the topic itself, that I keep coming back to it.


Reading the Bible it's an continual learning and growing process as a Believer it's kind of like going back to the drawing board when stuck regarding issues variable one might be dealing with since Enoch is relatively New to me, I feel like an three year old (this is what my mom did for me as a child) being taught how to read for the first time it's an unusual experience.

So I went reading through Enoch 1 The Book of The Watchers because I felt that I had read something about just such a Patagonia that had thrived in earth's history.

If anyone is interested look for The Book of Enoch Free Online the place of address online is Enoch and you get to read the entire Book. The Biblical Book is made up in Sections. Section 1 to Section 5 being the last chapter.

If your like me and have read pretty much Read either The Holy Bible or The Catholic Bible you might want to retrace your Biblical understanding by refreshing yourself with The entire Book of Genesis, 2nd Book to read in its entirety The Book of Job.

In the Catholic Bible as the 2nd Book; The Book of Tobit, and then I'll recommend some Books by The Prophets in The Bible such as The Entire Book of Ezekiel, and Daniel probably should read these books at least twice.

Okay on to Enoch so in section 1 I came across this passage of The Biblical Account (by the way I believe the Giant's referred to as Caesar may be Sisera in Hebrew),

Enoch 1: An Azazel taught Men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, made known to Men The Metals of The Earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the beautifying of eyelids, and all kinds of costly and colouring tinctures ( know clue what that is).

Then I come to Enoch 1 chapter 60 From A Fragment of The Book of Noah.

I've shared with everyone, I've been reading Enoch for awhile and hadn't noticed Section 2 into Section 3 that specific section in Enoch, I am so flabbergasted that I completely missed The Fragmented Book of Noah to me it is the most important part to all of Enoch.

I'll share part 1 of this point in Enoch 1.
In the year 500, in the seventh month, on the 14th Day of the month of Enoch; And in those Days Noah saw the earth that it had sunk down and it's destruction was nigh.

Okay so I'll go to the part in the Book of Noah that caught my eye: And a command has gone forth from the presence of the Lord concerning concerning those who dwell on the earth.

That their ruin is accomplished because they have learnt all the secrets of the angels, and all the violence of the satans, and all their powers, the most secret ones.

And all the power of those who practice Sorcery, and the power of witchcraft, and the power of those who make molten images: for the whole Earth. And how silver is produced from the dust of the earth.

And how soft metal originates in the earth; for lead and tin are not produced from the earth like the first: it is a fountain that produces them, and an angel stands theirin and that angel is pre-eminent.

Fragment Book of Noah:
And he will imprison those angels, who have shown unrighteousness, in that burning Valley which my grandfather Enoch had formerly shown to me in the West among the mountains of gold, silver, and Iron, and soft metal and tin.

This last part above regarding the West and mountain of gold, silver made me wonder whether are not this is the Patagonia where the Lost City of Sisera/Caesar's was probably located the home of Giant Clans which is the reason I came to Enoch there's a little more detail shared about the Race of Giant's and their Father's who Sired them to begin with.

I am also reminded of Enoch 3 The Book of Giant's that I'm looking for online to read.

I learned when looking for The Biblical Book of Giants, I had to be specific due to the fact that Ireland has a children's book ID by that titled I plan to someday get that book as well.

There's a curious moment in The Fragment Book of Noah: that I noticed so I thought I share this passage too.

And those same waters will undergo a change, in those days, for when those angels are punished in these waters, these water springs shall change their temperature, and when ascend This Water of the Twelve Springs shall change and become Cold.

now I'm wondering is this a reference to Antarctica an or the Ice Age or does the event take place in Heaven?

Still searching for more giant and Gold cities that's why I came back to Enoch hope you all enjoy reading The Fragment Book of Noah oh something really important Enoch was 7th Generation from Adam while Noah is the 10th generation from Adam.

Noah's family represented the next direction that Humankind's next step was in earth's history so Noah's 3 Son's and their Wives were the eleventh generation from Adam and Eve.

I believe after the Flood Patagonia did in deed disappear from our ancestors oral history, it seems the Giant's hadn't quite disappeared. They still populated the earth.

The twelve springs only caught my attention because, I just read an article at Ancient Origins regarding the Egyptians and the 12 Gates of Hell.

I'll take my leave now so until next time Everyone, Goodbye!

Patagonia's Lost City


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Like everyone else, I’m very familiar with the accounts left concerning the ‘Patagonian Giants’ by Magellan’s chronicler & others. Never heard of any ‘lost city,’ but Patagonia is a mysterious place. During the 19th century, ‘skins of sloths,’ supposedly extinct, were found in caves, and there are enough examples in World History where individuals whose cultures are now considered primitive, were once advanced. Civilization certainly appears to have been ‘cyclical’ at times, rather than ‘linear’ in developement (what Egyptians today could build pyramids at Cairo such as those on the Giza Plateau, or what oresent-day Mayan tribe could erect or  construct the pyramidal structures of their ancestors?). Thus, it’s not surprising that at one time there may possibly have been a more advanced culture in ancient Patagonia.

There are MANY Native-American traditions of ‘lost civilizations’ or tribes, as recorded by European chroniclers, besides the hackneyed, worn-out discussion of such places as Sir Walter Raleigh’s ‘El Dorado.’ Jacques Cartier the French Explorer, while among the Huron Indians in Canada, heard from ‘Chief Donnacona’ (who returned to Paris where he received a nice pension from the government!), of a kingdom called: ‘”SAGUENAY,” where purportedly ‘blond individuals, and gold’ were in abundance,’ while in what is now Maine, there were also traditions of ‘Norumbega.’

It is interesting that so many of the traditions, be they ‘pure’ Native-American oral narratives or ‘contaminated’ so-to-speak, with European cultural interpretations, frequently contain the familiar motif of ‘giants’ with Caucasian features. Spanish lawyer, Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon, in 1526 established the earliest Spanish colony in North America, or ‘San Miguel de Gualdape,’ in what is now McIntosh County, Georgia. He was led to settle where he did, because of the remarks made to him by a young Native-American captive, who was baptized into the Cathloic faith, named ‘Francisco de Chicora.’ The name ‘CHICORA,’ was the actual land he was supposed to have been from, which he told Vazquez was inhabited by a ‘GIANT KING with RED HAIR, who possessed many pearls,’ which the Spaniards were seeking along with gold and silver.

Other accounts existed as well in the Western Hemisphere as you know, such as the famed ‘Seven Cities of Cibola’ or ‘Gold,’ in the American Southwest, which the Conquistadore Coronado sought, a tale spread by the former Moroccan slave ‘Estevancio’ who traveled with Cabeza de Vaca; while Hernando Cortez, who conquered the Aztec Civilization, also sought the ‘Island of Amazon Women’ located supposedly somewhere off the coast of California, ruled by a ‘Black Amazon, called ‘Queen Califa,’ (hence CALIF-ORNIA, etc).

Legends, tales, myths & folklore (both Native-American & European in origin),  played a MAJOR role in the conquest of America by Europeans. Thus, in someways, be they fictitious or based on some actual people, the traditional narratives told by Indians to the European explorers aided in bringing about their own demise, as much as disease or technology.

Daniel N. Rolph, PhD