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Identifying Petroglyph

Hi Everyone, 

We've been contacted by a property owner in California who has found petroglyphs carved into rock on their land. Although difficult to see on the photograph, there are clear etch marks indicating that the images are man-made, but erosion and pigmentation indicates it was done a very long time ago. 

Anyone out there with expertise in identifying petroglyphs who can help identify the time period/culture they may belong to? Even better, if there is someone in the California area that is able to go to the property and take a look please let us know. 



how about contacting Scott

how about contacting Scott Wolter from the America Unearthed series ?


haha, i was going to make the

haha, i was going to make the same suggestion!!


[email protected]


P.O. Box 14611
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

love, light and blessings


did anyone ever find out what

did anyone ever find out what the glyphs are of? or a date or anything? 

--Still learning--

I’m assuming this person has

I’m assuming this person has an answer by now but if not I would like to be put in contact with him.