The Inner Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and the Nile

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04/02/2020 - 14:30 to 18/02/2020 - 14:30

Ancient Origins Tours begin with the wonders of ancient Egypt and the mysteries of the Nile with an exclusive 15-day, 14-night tour in February 2020 hosted by Ancient Origins and special guest Andrew Collins.

Andrew Collins is a science and history writer, as well as the author of over fifteen books that challenge the way we perceive the past. They include From the Ashes of Angels (1996), Gateway to Atlantis (2000), Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, The Cygnus Key, and most recently Denisovan Origins (co-authored with Dr. Greg L. Little).

Andrew is the co-discoverer of a huge, previously unrecorded cave system beneath the Giza plateau now referred to as Collins Cave.

Experience the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Saqqara, Dahshur, Abu Ghurab, the Egyptian Labyrinth, the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Luxor, Edfu, Aswan, Nabta Playa, Abu Simbel, and many more sites of antiquity. Visit their temples, pyramids, monuments, museums, and enjoy the tranquility of the Nubian Desert and the unforgettable sights of the Upper Nile on a cruise ship.

Enjoy private tours of the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, and the Sun Temple of Niuserre at Abu Ghurab, one of the most powerful energy centers of northern Egypt.

Learn about the sites to be visited as well the very latest news and theories on both ancient Egypt and the origins of civilization by Andrew Collins during regular talks and lectures. Take part in meditations where permissible.

Unwind or dine with some of the finest cuisines in Egypt.


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