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Tin embroidery in Guizhou Province, China. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

The Remarkable Ancient Craft of Miao Tin Embroidery (Video)

Nestled within the tranquil landscapes of Guizhou Province , China, a remote village becomes the sentinel of an ancient and vanishing artistry – tin embroidery . For more than 500 years, skilled...
Sari weaving. Source: ananaline / Adobe Stock.

The Sari Weavers Keeping a 16th Century Craft Alive (Video)

In the narrow alleys of Varanasi , India, a group of skilled artisans are keeping an ancient craft alive through their nimble fingers and artistic vision. They are the sari weavers , who continue to...
A Scandinavian woman working on a embroidery pattern modern times, which must have been quite similar to Viking embroidery in the Viking Age.

Rare Viking Embroidery Found in 1000-Year-Old Grave in Norway

A piece of textile fabric from a grave, dated to the Viking Age, has been found in southern Norway, dated to 850-950 AD. The grave of a woman was uncovered at Hestnes in southern Trøndelag county,...
: A segment of the exquisite Bayeux Tapestry. In this scene Odo, Bishop of Bayeux (with raised club), half-brother to William the Great, rallies the troops in the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Nearly 1,000 Years Old, the Bayeux Tapestry is An Epic Tale and Medieval Masterpiece

The ancient Bayeux Tapestry, famous for its epic representation of medieval history, is a long, vividly embroidered cloth stretching hundreds of feet. Through exciting imagery it retells the events...
Bayeux Tapestry - Scenes 29-30-31: the coronation of Harold II of England. He receives orb and sceptre. On his left stands Archbishop Stigand.

Bayeux and Brexit: What the tapestry says about the UK’s shared European heritage

Kathryn Hurlock / The Conversation The Bayeux Tapestry is finally coming to England , or so the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has promised . There have long been calls to bring the work to...
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: The Crafty Story of Embroidery in Medieval Manuscripts

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: The Crafty Story of Embroidery in Medieval Manuscripts

Even though paper would eventually come to be more popular, parchment was the preferred material for book making, and eventually printing, throughout the middle ages. Parchment, used before the rise...
Detail of altar frontal (antependium}, France or Italy, 1730-1740. Silk satin with silk and metallic-thread embroidery, guipure and gaufrure.

Stitching the Story of Cutwork Embroidery, One of the Most Luxurious Goods in Europe

Different types of embroidery are known in the history of every single civilization. It seems that people liked to create beautiful personal adornments almost since the beginning of time. Cutwork is...