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The Grand Canyon landscape, Arizona.	Source: SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe Stock

The Surprising Link Between the Grand Canyon and Ancient Egypt (Video)

For centuries, travelers have explored renowned Grand Canyon landmarks like the Osiris Tower and the Temple of Ra, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity. However, the origins of these names reveal...
The Egyptian Expedition under the orders of Bonaparte, painting by Léon Cogniet (early 19th century) (Public Domain)

Egyptomania: Multitasking Mummies Of The 19th Century

Napoleon Bonaparte’s 18th-century Campaign in Egypt represented a pivotal moment in the quest for knowledge about the history of the ancient Egypt, by then a forgotten civilization that flourished...
Why Do We Love (and Fear) Mummies?

Why Do We Love (and Fear) Mummies?

Christian-Georges Schwentzel / The Conversation Somewhere in Iraq, the tomb raider Nick Morton (a never-ageing Tom Cruise) flies over the desert. This is where Egyptian queen Ahmanet lies in her tomb...
Mummy of a child with a gilded face mask. Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria, Egypt. Representational image only.

Egyptian Child Mummy Dumped in Garbage in France, Now Restored and Protected

The mummy of an ancient Egyptian child was saved from a municipal dump and is set to go on display for the first time outside Paris. The 2,000-year-old mummified body and casket are thought to have...