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Archaeologists recording the previously found Bronze age cist burial at the Whitehorse Hill site.  Source: Courtesy of Dartmoor National Park Authority via Devon Live

Potential Bronze Age Burial Chamber Discovered on Dartmoor

What appears to be a Bronze Age burial chamber has been unearthed on Dartmoor, promising to deepen our understanding of Devon's ancient history. This discovery, potentially dating back 4,000 years,...
Ancient Roman road, Sherford, Devon. Source: AC Archaeology

Ancient Roman Road and Bronze Age House Remnants Unearthed in Devon

The Sherford site in Devon, which is being developed into a new town, has been providing fascinating insights into the region's ancient history. Just last year, Ice Age ‘megafuna’ had been found, and...
Ice Age animal bones, such as this woolly rhinoceros jaw, have been discovered in Devon. Source: AC Archaeology

Menagerie of Ice Age Animal Bones Found in Cave in Devon, England

Archaeological explorations undertaken in anticipation of an upcoming housing project have produced a significant find near the city of Plymouth in Devon county in southwest England. While excavating...
The Hembury Iron Age Hillfort which has come on the market in Devon, England. Source: savills

Own Your Own Piece of Ancient History - Buy an Iron Age Hillfort!

Incredible as that may sound, it’s no less than the truth. What’s on offer for a guide price of £100,000 ($138,000) is a freehold on Hembury Fort Cross, a multivallate Iron Age hillfort with 38.8...
Why You Should Not Look into Crazywell Pool on Midsummer’s Eve

Why You Should Not Look into Crazywell Pool on Midsummer’s Eve

Crazywell Pool is a large pond located in the Dartmoor National Park, in Devon , England. This pond is famous due to the many local legends that surround it. The best-known of these is perhaps the...
‘Mermaid’ (1873) by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. Mermaid tales are popular inspirations for the arts around the world

The Bizarre Tales of Four Lesser Known English Mermaids

For thousands of years, shanty tales of half-human, half-marine beings called mermaids , selkies , and finfolk have drifted ashore with sea beaten sailors. They stitch together the mythologies of...
Viking Invaders Struck Deep into the West of England – and May have Stuck Around

Viking Invaders Struck Deep into the West of England – and May have Stuck Around

It’s well chronicled that wave after wave of Vikings from Scandinavia terrorised western Europe for 250 years from the end of the eighth century AD and wreaked particular havoc across vast areas of...
Exeter: The photo shows a trench across the enclosure ditch

Bronze Age enclosure neither for livestock nor for defenses baffles scholars

Archaeologists working a dig in Devon County near Exeter, England, have discovered 70 Roman or post-Roman burials in an enclosure with a 2-meter-deep (6.56 feet) ditch. The site, which is being...
Hoard of 22,000 Roman coins in Britain

Hoard of 22,000 Roman coins is among largest collections found in Britain

An amateur treasure hunter has unearthed one of the largest and best preserved collections of Roman coins ever found in Britain. The hoard of 22,000 copper-alloy coins, which date back around 1700...
Burial Chamber in England

4,000-year-old burial chamber found in England may belong to ancient princess

A hoard of Bronze Age treasure unearthed two years ago in a 4,000-year-old tomb on Dartmoor , has come under the spotlight again as researchers believe the burial chamber could have belonged to a...