Labrets are a kind of jewelry, which can be made of shell, bone, or stone, and is inserted into the lip as an ornament in some cultures. Picture here and below: Krasnoyarsk Geoarkheologiya

Neolithic Chic: Body Piercing Fashion from the Arctic Around 5,000 Years Ago

By The Siberian Times reporter Ancient items of jewellery found by archeologists on Taymyr peninsula are stone labrets which were inserted into the face below the bottom lip. The discovery was made...
Decorative wood in Wales - Ancient

6,000-year-old Ancient Decorative Wood Carving

Archaeologists have made an incredible discovery in Rhondda Valley, Wales – a 6,000-year old piece of wood with elaborate decorations carved into it. The age of the artefact is incredible considering...
Ancient Phallic Decorations

30,000 Year Old Phallic Decorations Give Insights into Ancient Ancestors

Spanish researchers Javier Angulo and Marcos García have spent many years cataloguing depictions of sexuality, reproduction, and eroticism from the Upper Paleolithic Period (40,000 to 10,000 years...