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Casu Marzu cheese with maggots. Source: ballylocci / Adobe Stock.

This Ancient Cheese is Eaten With Live Maggots (Video)

In the rustic landscapes of Italy's Sardinia , an age-old culinary tradition endures – one that might bewilder the uninitiated palate. Casu martzu, known as "rotten cheese," boasts a history that...
An aristocrat's Robe shows the dragon with 5 claws. (Tibet Metropolitan Museum of Art/CC0)

Mongol Empire's Frozen Mummies Reveal Surprising Drink of Choice – Yak Milk!

Scientists have analyzed the remains of high-ranking individuals from the Mongol Empire, who were buried in graves with luxury items such as leather, silk, and gold, and had been preserved in...
Archaeologists at the Saqqara site where the blocks of halloumi cheese were discovered. Source: Ministry of Antiquities

2,600-Year-Old Halloumi Cheese Uncovered in Saqqara, Egypt

Imagine cheese left out of the fridge for longer than a few hours in a hot, arid climate. You might imagine smelling wet socks and dirty feet. Now, imagine cheese left unattended in some obscure...
Farmer milking cow. Source: / Adobe Stock

Ancient People Drank Milk Even Though They Were All Lactose Intolerant

A team of international scientists has just completed a comprehensive study of ancient European milk drinking habits. They wanted to see if there was a connection between increased milk consumption...
Man in the desert extracting camel milk. Source: padraic spencer/EyeEm / Adobe Stock

Camel Milk, The Ancient Liquid Gold Superfood, is Rising in Demand

A U.S. farm is struggling to supply rising demand for bottles of their ancient nomadic survival juice - camel milk. But at $12-$16 a pint, consumers pockets are getting humped. Ancient nomadic and...
Bronze Age skull in situ in the Tollense valley Source: ©: Stefan Sauer / Tollense Valley Project

Ancient Warriors Show Europeans Were Late Adopters of Dairy Produce

Research undertaken on Bronze Age warriors who died in a battle in Germany has revealed something remarkable about the evolution of human digestion. It established that it is only in the past few...
A new study of Neolithic pottery fragments has revealed ancient Britons were among the first people to farm dairy. Pictured: Cow and her calf in sunset. Source:  lassedesignen / Adobe stock

Thirsty Brits Turned to Drinking Cow’s Milk 7,000 Years Ago

Molecular food remains sampled from Neolithic pottery determines dairy farming “took hold” in what is modern-day Britain and Ireland . A new study of pottery fragments by a team of scientists led by...
Milking a cow. Credit: stanislavss / Adobe Stock

Humans Have Been Drinking Animal Milk for At Least 6,000 Years

Researchers have found the earliest direct evidence of milk consumption anywhere in the world in the teeth of prehistoric British farmers . The research team, led by archaeologists at the University...
The Toda mund, from Richard Barron, 1837, View in India, chiefly among the Neelgherry Hills

Oval Huts, Dairy Temples and Holy Milkmen: How a Secluded Existence Produced the Idiosyncratic Toda Traditions

The Todas are an ethnic group that inhabit the Nilgiri Plains of south India. They were once one of the most isolated people in the world. Their customs and language are still considered strange to...
Swiss cheese

Iron Age Man Was as Fond of Swiss Cheese as We Are

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that Swiss cheesemaking dates back to prehistoric times, paving the way for such delicacies as Gruyere and Emmental. An international team led by the University...
Donkey milk: Ancient elixir of life

Donkey milk: Ancient elixir of life experiences modern-day resurgence

Donkey milk was hailed by the ancients as an elixir of long life, a cure-all for a variety of ailments, and a powerful tonic capable of rejuvenating the skin. Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt,...
The Beauty of Xiaohe

Oldest cheese in the world found around the neck of The Beauty of Xiaohe

Unusual clumps of an unknown material found on the necks and chests of the famous Chinese mummies of the Tarim Basin have now been revealed to be the world’s oldest cheese, dating back an incredible...