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Ancient Egypt funeral of a pharaoh. Source: Robert / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Egypt’s Mystifying Burial Practices (Video)

Unveiling the mysteries of ancient burial practices, the Valley of the Kings stands as an enigmatic testament to Egypt's rich history. Unlike the iconic pyramids , the tombs here delve deep...
A view of the The Dahshur necropolis in Egypt, from the Saqqara necropolis.  Source: Blumesser/Adobe Stock

Exposing Egypt's Military Zone Protected Dahshur Necropolis

The cult of death played a crucial role in the history of ancient Egypt - they believed that their souls would continue to exist in the afterlife after they died. The concept of the afterlife was...
Representation of sarcophagus of Princess Hatshepset. Source: Denis Doukhan / Public Domain.

Coffin Pieced Together Reveals Egyptian Princess Face

In Egypt archaeologists have been able to reconstruct the face of the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh . They painstakingly pieced together what seems to be the sarcophagus of an Egyptian princess...
The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur necropolis is being reopened to the public.

Sneferu’s Distinctive Bent Pyramid Opened to the Public

In Egypt, the Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany has announced that two pyramids are being opened to the public for the first time since 1965. Soon visitors can once again get up close to the...
One of eight brightly decorated sarcophagi discovered at the Dahshur necropolis, Egypt

Eight Remarkable But Glaringly Out of Place Mummies Found At Dahshur Necropolis

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities have announced a visually stunning find at a well-known archaeological site. Experts have discovered eight limestone sarcophagi with mummified remains in each...
This is the 3,700-year-old box that contained the remains of the daughter of King Emnikamaw, a 13th Dynasty sovereign. You can just barely make out some of the hieroglyphics carved into the box in the photo

What’s in the Box? Burial Chamber of an Egyptian King’s Daughter Discovered in Recently Unearthed Pyramid

Last month, in the ancient Egyptian necropolis of Dahshur, researchers discovered a pyramid. This week, inside the pyramid they found a burial chamber that is about 3,700 years old containing a...
The corridor leading to the interior of the newly-discovered pyramid

Entrance to 3,700-Year-Old Previously Unknown Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists excavating in the Dahshur Necropolis at an area north of King Senefru's Bent Pyramid, have made an exciting discovery – a 13 th dynasty pyramid that experts never knew existed...
The Bent Pyramid

Analysis Begins on Cosmic Particles in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid – Will This Help Explain How the Pyramids Were Built?

Researchers have begun analyzing cosmic particles, called muons, which were collected within the Egyptian Bent Pyramid. The international team of scientists hopes that their ambitious project will...