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Prehistoric Irish monuments of Late Bronze Age stone circle at Boleycarrigeen, with Keadeen cursus near the summit of the mountain in the background        Source: J. O’Driscoll/Antiquity

Prehistoric Irish Monuments Revealed As ‘Pathways for the Dead’

Archaeologists using advanced LiDAR technology have unearthed a significant discovery at Baltinglass in County Wicklow, Ireland, known as the "Hillfort Capital" of the region. This cutting-edge...
The Neolithic cursus has been uncovered leading to the Isle of Arran’s complex of stone monuments, including the Machrie Moor standing stones. Source: dropStock / Adobe Stock

Huge Neolithic Cursus Linked with Isle of Arran's Sacred Stones Revealed

In August this year, within the rugged southwest of Scotland's Isle of Arran, researchers began excavating an ancient ceremonial monument dating back to between 4000 and 3000 BC. With its original...
Stonehenge and surrounding earthworks.

Natural Harmony: How did the Stonehenge Druids Measure the Landscape?

What were the Proto-Druids up to at Stonehenge? Advances in GPS technology and other sophisticated mapping software allow their prehistoric surveying activities to be investigated in ways that were...
Underground Monuments in Stonehenge

Fifteen previously unknown monuments discovered underground in Stonehenge landscape

A groundbreaking new survey of Stonehenge and its surrounds has revealed fifteen previously unknown Neolithic monuments underground, according to a new report released by the Smithsonian Institute ...