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Crocodile eyes. Source: Георгий Лыкин / Adobe Stock.

The Expression ‘To Shed Crocodile Tears’ Has Bizarre Medieval Origins

Today, when someone accuses another of shedding " crocodile tears ," they are suggesting that the person is displaying fake or insincere sorrow. But how did this phrase come into being? The answer...
Highly Unusual Things That the Ancient Egyptians Did (Video)

Highly Unusual Things That the Ancient Egyptians Did (Video)

The Ancient Egyptians are known for their rich culture, impressive architecture, intricate hieroglyphics, and fascinating mythology. However, as this video demonstrates, they were also known for some...
Bea De Cupere from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences with one of the mummified crocodiles. Source: Patricia Mora Riudavets / Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Mummified Crocodiles Sacrificed to the Gods Uncovered in Egypt

While performing excavations at a site known as Qubbat al-Hawā in southern Egypt in 2019, archaeologists from the University of Jaén in Spain made a strange and startling discovery. They unearthed a...
Representative image of crocodile skulls.      Source: Akkharat J./Adobe Stock

Nine Crocodile Heads Found in Ancient Egyptian Tombs a “First of Its Kind” Discovery

Archaeologists excavating the Theban Necropolis in Egypt have made the extraordinary discovery of nine crocodile heads placed inside two tombs belonging to high-ranking nobles. The discovery was made...
A reconstruction of Tanystropheus longobardicus based on fossil evidence.    Source: Nobu Tamura / CC BY-SA 4.0

How Tanystropheus Dinosaurs Used Their Super Long Necks To Survive

Since the first fossils of a reptile species called Tanystropheus were discovered in 1852, paleontologists have been attempting to discern how and where this unusual species lived. Tanystropheus...
Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens, (1616) (Public Domain)

Ancient Sharks and Crocodiles’ Nemesis: Man

Since ancient times, people have feared sharks and crocodiles. But how long have these two species actually been on earth and how did they evolve? Crocodiles and sharks have one thing in common: the...
Mummified lion cub unearthed beneath the Saqqara necropolis. Credit: Ministry of Antiquities

Ancient Mummified Lion Cubs Discovered in Egyptian Tomb

Egyptian authorities have announced the rare discovery of mummified lion cubs, big cats, cobras and crocodiles near Saqqara necropolis which date back around 2,600 years. The cache of ancient...
1000s of animal petroglyphs found in Egypt

1000s of Neolithic Engravings Reveal Egyptians' Ancient Reverence For Animals

The Ancient Egyptians had a remarkable relationship with the animals, who they respected and revered. An astonishing discovery in the deserts of north-eastern Egypt is illustrating that this likely...
Image of specimen

First-Ever Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Tissue Discovered in Sussex, England

Researchers have identified the first known example of fossilized brain tissue in a dinosaur from Sussex. The tissues resemble those seen in modern crocodiles and birds. An unassuming brown pebble,...
Artwork of a dragon for the Durian-Project of the Blender Foundation

Dragons: Exploring the Ancient Origins of the Mythical Beasts

One of the most popular and persistent characters of the human mythos is that of the dragon. Whether it is a gold hoarding serpent or fire-breathing giant, dragons continue to fascinate and entertain...
Pre-historic rock art in Kurnool, India

Pre-historic rock art in Kurnool, India

The region of Rayalaseema is comprised of four districts within the state of Andhra Pradesh - Anantapur, Chittor, Kadapa and Kurnool - all of which record a very good cultural evolution from the...
Ancient caves depicting 7000-year-old civilisation and culture discovered in India

Ancient caves depicting 7000-year-old civilisation and culture discovered in India

A group of caves containing ancient rock art have been discovered by a researcher in Akkampalli, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The discovery has been described as archaeologically...