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Copan Maya ruins in Honduras.	Source: Rafal Cichawa/Adobe Stock

The Ancient Maya: How Did Such An Advanced Society Collapse? (Video)

In 1839, John Lloyd Stevens embarked on a challenging expedition into the dense jungles of Honduras, fueled by tales of a magnificent Maya city, Copan . The ruins he discovered presented an enigma: a...
The Maya ruins at Copan in Honduras have stood the test of time. (bennytrapp / Adobe Stock)

Ancient Formula for Super-Durable Maya Plaster Finally Revealed

A team of scientists in Spain appear to have discovered the elusive formula for lime plaster and mortar used by the ancient Maya of Mexico and Central America. It seems that the incredibly durable...
Main temple at Tulum with hieroglyphic stairway by Frederick Catherwood, from Views of Ancient Monuments (Public Domain)

Stephens And Catherwood: Adventurers Discovering the Ancient Maya

The astounding journeys of John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood to Central America in 1839 to 1842 introduced the ancient, unrecognized Maya civilization to the rest of the world. Their life-...
One of the two colorful painted pots, which were the only grave goods buried with the El Palmar diplomat.

Untold Suffering of the El Palmar Maya Ambassador Revealed

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed a 1,300-year-old diplomat’s corpse at El Palmar and his bones are telling a mixed story of rags and riches. While the man had lived a privileged adult life,...
Bird flying over Sigiriya / Lion Rock in Sri Lanka.         Source: Givaga / Adobe stock

How Sigiriya’s Ancient Connections Question Dogmatic World History

Sigiriya - literally translating to ‘Lion Rock’, pales in comparison to its famed Egyptian counterpart - not through a lack of sheer, grandiose scale, it is by no means unimpressive in either size or...
The life-size replica of Rosalila Temple at the Copan site museum. Source: Talk2winik / Public Domain.

Unravelling the Secrets of the Maya’s Precious Rosalila Temple

Rosalila Temple is a monument located at the Maya site of Copan (located in the western part of Honduras, not far from the border with Guatemala ). This temple was constructed during the 6th century...
Copan Honduras

The Famous Maya City of Copan: A Site with Abundant Art and Hieroglyphs

Located near the border of present day Guatemala, is the ancient Maya city of Copán. A relatively small Mayan site, it dates back nearly 2,000 years and was once the easternmost city-state in the...