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Constantine I

South Church of Subeita (Felix Tchvertkin / Adobe Stock)

Excavating Subeita, Byzantine City In The Negev Desert

The Byzantine town of Subeita (Shivta) in the Negev Desert , was an integral part of the Byzantine province of Third Palestine. The Romans had first incorporated it into their Empire in 106 AD, and...
What Happened To The Coveted Spear Of Destiny?

What Happened To The Coveted Spear Of Destiny?

Throughout the centuries, Christianity has been a fiery topic. Some debate about its true origins and connections to other religions, while others look at the malfeasances of some of its religious...
Silver reliquary with skull purportedly Saint Agnes' - Santa Agnese in Agone Church at Piazza Navona in Rome.

The Fascinating Catacomb of Saint Agnes, a Young Christian Martyr Who Died for her Beliefs

Beneath the city of Rome, among its ancient remains, lie many complexes of catacombs. One of the oldest of these is the one dedicated to Saint Agnes. Agnes (or Agatha) was a beautiful young woman who...