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Ancient Technology Top 10

Found this rather interesting. I do not know how they came up with it but here is this sites Top 10 findings in Ancient Technology.

Three of the Top Ten Ancient Technology Explained

THE DENDERA LIGHTS or Ancient Sandblaster

Yes. There the Giants of Dendera stone reliefs that can be seen in the Hathor Temple 300 miles south of Cairo, Egypt. Some researchers’ claim that these images depict an ancient form lighting system. Egyptologists think that they are carvings that represent aspects of Egyptian mythology and actual show the birthing of a snake from a lotus flower. However, both of these theories are wrong. They are ancient sandblaster used to carve and surface stone. Did you know that an artist with a sandblaster can carve a crystal skull in about three days and leave no tool marks? The link below tells the rest of the story.

The Winds of Egypt

Moving THE BAALBEK MEGALITHS the Dam easy way.

Located at Baalbek in Lebanon are the largest megalithic stones ever carved from the solid rock of a quarry. It seems that thousands of years ago they were shaped into gigantic rectangles and moved over a kilometer.

The precision with which these megaliths have been carved is incredible and it is nearly impossible for modern Egyptologist to conceive of a way to do it today. How they were moved and placed within the construction of the greater Baal-Jupiter (Zeus) Temple plaza is now explained they did it like the Egyptians did.. The links below tells the rest of the story.

Water in the Desert, Ramps verses Crocodiles

The Legacy of Isis, Metzrayim

Resurrection of Osiris


These strange artifacts were originally discovered in 1936 during an archaeological dig near Baghdad. A small jug which was 6 inches in height and contained a copper cylinder and within this was suspended an iron rod. Wilhelm Konig found one in the basement of the National Museum of Iraq. He published a paper that suggested that these ancient for plating with precious gold onto silver. Konig thought that an electrical system was used: wrong. Oh you can contrive a very small electrical current with a weak acid.

But there a far better and much faster system of plating that can be done with the same components. It is call amalgamation. Simple, coat your copper with quicksilver, add a small amount of classified sand with micro-fine gold in to the jug ( pay the shipping and I will send you some sand with two cents of gold in it ) add water attach your wires to the mercury clad copper and plug. Shake well every hour for two days and all the micro-fine gold will then be on the copper cylinder and look solid gold with two cents of Gold . However, I do it with a copper, gold pan . The link below tells the rest of the story.



I disagree with everybody in this modern world, just as Cassandra of Troy did so long ago.

cycle of tech

There only seems to be a cyclic repetition of the kinds of technology we use every few millenniums later. A certain ape species is reported to have entered the stone age. Was it not Einstein who said “ I know not what the third world war will be fought with but the fourth will be Here are some great resources to read from in the link below.


ancient technology is very

ancient technology is very intersting to know, i would love to know more about our ancient technologies

Moving the Stonehenge Stones

Here’s a new theory on how the stones were moved for megaliths

Marian Powell