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Howard West

I disagree with everybody in this modern world, just as Cassandra of Troy did so long ago. Therefore, my journey is like that of a dog trained to hunt Lions, who is put in with a bunch of dogs that have only hunted rabbits. My peers and I don’t go the same direction.


I travel through time, to unlock the FUTURE by taking “The Roads Less Traveled” such as perplexing archeological anomalies that my peers over look because they don’t fit the accepted paradigm of The Past. Small anomalies that have been misunderstood in such documents as the Qumran Cave Collection, the Egyptian Book of the Dead along with the writings of such men as Xenophon, Homer, Heuracleides, Aeschylus and countless other historians from around the world. The book Locked Gates takes that journey though time and documents a history revealed by those ancient writings by means of contemporary scientific evidence from sources such as NASA, science journals such as NATURE and DISCOVER, geological records of the world and astrophysical evidence, a History of the distant Past that is far different than what you have been lead to believe. The gates have locked too long it is time to open the Locked Gates.


So to show you how contrary I am, I have left these many blog postings and videos for a more open minded people of The Future.




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