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City of David

This rare gold bead, dating back at least 1,600 years, was uncovered in dirt taken from a Roman structure in Jerusalem's Emek Tzurim National Park.  Source: Ari Levy/Israel Antiquities Authority.

Volunteer Finds Intricate 5th-Century Gold Bead in Archaeological Debris

While sifting through dirt and rubble removed from a huge Roman structure discovered during excavations at Pilgrimage Road in the City of David in Jerusalem, a National Service volunteer found a...
Photo of a replica of the previous Hezekiah’s tunnel inscription. Source: Public Domain

Inscription Finally Confirms Biblical Record of Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Two Israeli archaeologists have successfully deciphered an 8th century BC inscription that was left on a wall in an underground tunnel located just outside the walls of the City of David (ancient...
A controversial redevelopment plan could cause irreversible damage to the Old City of Jerusalem. Source: Horváth Botond / Adobe Stock

One-Kilometer Zip Line Over Historic Old City in Jerusalem Causes Outrage

In a surprising new move, a one kilometer zip line and cable car have been approved in Jerusalem to take tourists over the historical Old City, causing outrage in some circles. The ambitious urban...
A rare First Temple Period toilet in Jerusalem dating back more than 2,700 years. 	Source: Yoli Schwartz / Israel Antiquities Authority

Rare First Temple Period Toilet Discovered In Jerusalem

A First Temple-era private toilet has been unearthed in Jerusalem. While in itself the toilet is an exceptionally rare find, surrounding it evidence was unearthed of a rich fruit garden within a “...
Remains of shattered artifacts found in Jerusalem caused by earthquake mentioned in the Bible. Source: Eliyahu Yanai / City of David

Evidence of Earthquake Recorded in the Bible Found at City of David

While excavating at the controversial City of David National Park, archaeologists unearthed a layer of shattered vessels, damaged when an ancient building collapsed on top of them. For the first time...
An artist's (Dimtry Bogdanov) depiction of a dead Hadrosaur claosaurus dinosaur floating in the Western Interior Sea of Kansas during the Cretaceous period with two Squalicorax sharks circling around it. The shark teeth found in the City of David (Jerusalem) and also in other Middle Eastern deserts, like those in Morocco, were from this very species!

80-Million-Year-Old Shark Teeth Found in the City Of David, Israel

A stash of 29 “out of place” 80-million-year-old shark teeth have been discovered at a 2,900-year-old site in the City of David neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. The find has challenged scientists...
Various Roman catapult (ballista) rocks found along the Pilgrim's Road in the City of David, Jerusalem.           Source: Clara Amit / IAA

Man Fearing Coronavirus Apocalypse Returns Stolen Ballista

The COVID-19 or coronavirus outbreak has shaken many around the world. In Israel, a man with a guilty conscience, who fears the virus could result in the end of the world, gave back a Roman catapult...
Archaeologist of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Ari Levi, holds up the rare 2,000-year-old measuring table unearthed at the excavation site of the ‘ancient Jerusalem market’.	Source: 	Ari Levi / Israel Antiquities Authority

Rare Measuring Table Reveals Temple Mount Market

A rare 2,000-year-old measuring table used for calibrating wine and olive oil vessels has been found in Jerusalem , leading experts to tentatively conclude they have found the site of a key ancient...
A section of the Pilgrim’s Path dating to the Second Temple period.    Source: SHAI HALEVY/Israel Antiquities Authority

Evidence Indicates Pilgrim’s Path Was Built By Pontius Pilate

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced it has found solid evidence the Pilgrim’s Path in Jerusalem dates from the 1st century AD. This means that it was possibly commissioned by Pontius...
The 'Natan-Melech/Eved Hamelech' seal found in the City of David, Jerusalem.

Telling Seal Unearthed in Jerusalem Names Biblical Figure

Archaeologists in Israel have announced an amazing discovery that could add further evidence for the historicity of the Bible. Two beautifully crafted seals found in Jerusalem are providing new...
Citadel of King David

Has the legendary citadel captured by King David been found?

An Israeli archaeologist claims to have located the citadel supposedly captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem. However, the controversial discovery has reignited the debate about using...
Curse tablet in Jerusalem

Archaeologists Find Ancient Magic Curse Tablet in Jerusalem

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists have discovered a 1,700-year-old curse tablet in the ruins of an old Roman mansion in the City of David in Jerusalem. It is believed the words were written...