Chinese medicine

White rhinoceros locking their horns.

Widespread Erection Problems In China Are Bringing Rhino, Tiger And Other Species To An End

We’ve all heard of the deceptive ‘snake oil’ salesmen of America’s western frontier who peddled bottles of medically useless placebos and panaceas to ill and often desperate people, but not so many...
Human skulls have been found with evidence of craniotomy.

Skulls Show Evidence Ancient Chinese Brain Surgeons Operated 3,000 Years Ago

Chinese experts have determined that two skulls found in a historic site show evidence of ancient craniotomy. The finds are being taken to demonstrate that craniotomy, along with other advanced...
Fossil, dinosaur and dragon montage (Legendz Collective)

Unearthing Unexpected Fossil Usage in Ancient Medicine (Part 2): Dragon Pills to Gods' Horns

Of all fantastic creatures of legend, dragons are undisputedly the most iconic of the lot. One powerful reason for their fame may be found in the fact that dragonkind permeates across cultures...