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Austin K. Yajima

Mythographer, entrepreneur, plant medicine specialist and former monk, Austin has spent his entire life roaming abroad. Growing up with different ethnic groups in seven different countries has enabled him to overcome culture shock, which also allowed him to discover numerous uncanny similarities between distinct cultures. Additionally, Austin has survived flash floods in the Philippines, both SARS and Avian Flu outbreaks in China's epicenter, the Sri Lankan Civil War, as well as the 9/11 Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. His experiences with various people or events has taught him valuable life lessons which he currently uses to help guide or motivate the people towards the unknown futures. Last, but not least, Austin is also the founder and leader of the nonprofit organization Legendz Collective, which focuses on decoding the mysteries of the past while providing free knowledge to the public in turn – especially to children in war-torn and disaster-stricken regions of the world. Austin believes that once decent education - combined with creativity and philosophy - can inspire the minds of today's children, they'll be able to grow into the new generation of geniuses the future will witness. 


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Fossil, dinosaur and dragon montage (Legendz Collective)

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