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Painting of a Renaissance banquet, by Władysław Bakałowicz. Source. Public Domain

The Most Decadent Banquets in History (Video)

Indulging in extravagant feasts throughout history, these banquets were grand spectacles of excess and luxury. In 1873, a German businessman orchestrated a lavish gathering in New York, featuring a...
Happy New Year Crown at Times Square New York.	Source: lazyllama/Adobe Stock

Auld Lang Syne - The New Year's Eve Song Explained (Video)

The ubiquitous New Year's Eve anthem, "Auld Lang Syne," holds a rich tapestry of cultural interpretations. Originating as a Scottish celebration song penned by poet Robert Burns in the 1700s, its...
Dies Sanguinis, meaning “Day of Blood,” was a Roman celebration dedicated to the goddess Bellona, associated with war, bloodshed and violence. Source: Михаил Решетников / Adobe Stock

Dies Sanguinis: Rome's Day of Blood, Sacrifice & Military Might

Dies Sanguinis , meaning “Day of Blood” or “Day of the Bloody Sacrifice,” was an intense, yet sacred, day in the Roman calendar. Celebrated annually on March 24th, this day was dedicated to the...
Viking celebration. Source: Justinas / Adobe Stock.

Raid, Pillage, and Party: Inside the World of Viking Celebrations (Video)

What comes to mind when you think of Vikings ? Pillaging and plundering? Battle cries and warrior spirit ? What about partying? That's right, Vikings knew how to have a good time, too. Mead halls ,...
An ancient party. Source: AI generated

Top 8 Legendary Parties - Iconic Celebrations in Ancient History

Sometimes people just need to let their hair down. Whether you’re a despotic ruler seeking to distract from a major controversy or a downtrodden peasant looking to get away from the daily grind,...
January 14th, the day after St Knut’s Day, in Stockholm, Sweden is when everyone tosses out the Christmas tree but only after a good party the day before! Source: Swedense

St Knut’s Day: Jan 13 - The Scandinavian Fun Finale To Christmas!

Every culture has its own unique holidays and traditions, but one of the most interesting cultural holidays is St Knut’s Day. St Knut’s Day, also known as the Feast of St Knut, is a traditional...
Firewood was a gift brough to housewarming parties, literally to warm the house. Source: Adobe Stock Free

9 Crazy Things Ancient People Gave as Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and gifts have been given to loved ones and friends. After a time of wracking your brains for the perfect gift, you may have wondered what types of items ancient people...
Saint Patrick: When the True Story is More Exciting than the Legend

Saint Patrick: When the True Story is More Exciting than the Legend

The 17th March marks Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, a cultural and religious holiday celebrated every year in Ireland and by Irish communities around the world. The celebration...
Phryne on the Poseidon's celebration in Eleusis by Nikolay Pavlenko, 1894

The Ancient Greek Symposium: Just an Excuse for Debauchery?

It’s no secret that the ancient Greeks loved to have parties, dance and drink for every occasion. It could be celebrating a birth, the arrival of a loved person or a marriage. Indeed, in many cases...
‘Festa di Pales, o L'estate’ by Joseph-Benoît Suvée

The Busy Romans Needed a Mid-Winter Break Too … and it Lasted for 24 days

In the Doctor Who Christmas Special from 2010, Michael Gambon’s Scrooge-like character remarks that across different cultures and worlds people come together to mark the midpoint of winter. It is, he...