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Captain Cook

The infant Heracles strangling the snakes sent by the goddess Hera (a woman protects Iphiclyse on the right).	Source: Public Domain

Surprising Mythological Stories From Around the World (Video)

Exploring mythological stories from diverse cultures unveils a rich tapestry of beliefs and narratives deeply embedded in human history. For instance, the Hawaiian tradition embodied in the kumulipo...
Woman adorned with a lei engages in the Hooponopono practice, traditional Hawaiian method of finding peace and forgiveness. Source: irissca/Adobe/Stock

The Intrigue and Mystery of Ancient Hawaii (Video)

Hawaii, known today as a popular tourist destination, conceals a deeper historical allure that predates Western influence. The archipelago, primarily volcanic, originated between forty and seventy...
The original meaning of "to run amok" can be traced back to Southeast Asia in the 1500s, where it referred to individuals who were possessed by spirits and engaged in rampage killings. Source: X-Poser / Adobe Stock

Historic Malay Expression “Run Amok” Perfectly Defines Mass Shootings

From “ cut off your nose to spite your face ” to “ saved by the bell ,” everyday we employ words and sayings inherited from the tapestry of cultural influences which have shaped the English language...
A printed map from the 15th century depicting Ptolemy's description of the Ecumene by Johannes Schnitzer (1482) (Public Domain)

Terra Australis The Fabled Continent Of Antiquity’s Antipodes

For nearly 2,000 years, right up until Captain James Cook’s second voyage to the Pacific in 1775, geographers debated the existence of Terra Australis, a mythical landmass to the south-east said to...
This replica of Captain Cook's famous Endeavour ship, one of two modern replicas. Source: Dennis4trigger / CC BY-SA 3.0

Are Sea Creatures Really Eating Captain Cook’s “Endeavour”?

Headlines read “Shipworms threaten to destroy Captain Cook’s HM Bark Endeavour,” which was wrecked off the US east coast in the late eighteenth century. However, while museum staff “believe” it's...
The Founding of Australia (public domain)

Botany and The Colonization of Australia in 1770

James Cook and his companions aboard the Endeavour landed at a harbour on Australia’s southeast coast in April of 1770. Cook named the place Botany Bay for “the great quantity of plants Mr. Banks and...
Traditional Fijian village, Navala

Navala, Fiji: A Village Of Exquisite Beauty and Fascinating Culture

Fiji is renowned for its beaches and scenery, but the Pacific nation is less well-known for its history and culture. In Fiji, traditional society is still alive, and visitors can look forward to a...
HMS Endeavour Replica

Have Experts Finally Located the Wreck of Cook’s Ship HMS Endeavour?

Marine archaeologists are about to announce that they have solved one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time. They believe that they have finally discovered the wreck of HMS Endeavour, the...
Portuguese in Australia

Did Portuguese beat Captain Cook to Australia by 250 years?

Several years ago, a teenage boy stumbled upon an old swivel gun in Darwin, Australia that was found to predate the arrival of the acclaimed Captain James Cook to the continent in 1770. New research...