Captain Cook

Traditional Fijian village, Navala

Navala, Fiji: A Village Of Exquisite Beauty and Fascinating Culture

Fiji is renowned for its beaches and scenery, but the Pacific nation is less well-known for its history and culture. In Fiji, traditional society is still alive, and visitors can look forward to a...
HMS Endeavour Replica

Have Experts Finally Located the Wreck of Cook’s Ship HMS Endeavour?

Marine archaeologists are about to announce that they have solved one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time. They believe that they have finally discovered the wreck of HMS Endeavour, the...
Portuguese in Australia

Did Portuguese beat Captain Cook to Australia by 250 years?

Several years ago, a teenage boy stumbled upon an old swivel gun in Darwin, Australia that was found to predate the arrival of the acclaimed Captain James Cook to the continent in 1770. New research...